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How to repair Astra seatbelts?


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2015-07-15 18:57:39
2015-07-15 18:57:39

I hope you never have an accident in a car,but if you do,would you want to trust your life to an amateur repair on a seatbelt?Don't even think about it,buy new.

  • Most vauxhalls from around the mid-nineties had pyrotechnic (explosive)seat belt tensioners which activated like an airbag would to keep you in your seat.You need to know how to deal with these.Don't go there.

This Is True They Do Have Explosives In Them. You Need A Licence To Repair Or Remove The Pretensioner. It Will Also Fail The MOT If Repaired. A Deactivator Is Normally Attached To The Pretentioner By A Cable. It Is A Red Clip Looking Thing. Most Garages Take Them Off As They Loose Them.

Never try to repair seat belts, or belt locks. If it's broken, replace it. End of.

Of course, you can try to repair them, but I wish you best of luck when you exit your car through the windscreen at 30Mph due to a bodged repair to a non-serviceable item.


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George Cayley was the first man who invented seatbelts.

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The ghost would destroy or repair the system of the car it depends upon the spirits nature. THEY BOO-KLE THEIR SEATBELTS

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