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Changing headlight on Honda GoldwingI answered this once before and it didn't get posted...... I have a '91 Aspencade 1500...... First you peel back the rubber boots by the rear view mirrors. The top 2 pieces above the headlight are each held in place by 1 screw each side under the rubber boots. (There is also a clip in the bottom middle of the chrome piece that requires a lift and pull) 2 Phillips screws will remove the small grill just under the headlight assy. Remove the headlight assy (4- 10mm bolts... 2 on top and 2 on bottom) and unplug the multi connector. Lay the assy face down.. remove the rubber boot behind the headlight bulb and the plug. There is a clip that holds the bulb in. Don't touch the bulb glass.

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Q: How to replace a headlight on a Honda goldwing?
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