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How to reset Oil odometer in Mercedes c280 1998?

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not sure what you mean by oil odometer. If your oil pressure is low then your oil may be low... if you have the correct amount of oil on the dipstick then its either a mechanical problem with circulating the oil or a faulty electrical signal. At which point take it to the shop.

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Where is the blinker relay located on the 1998 C280 Mercedes Benz?

in the bonit

How do you open hood on Mercedes Benz 1998 c280?

A person can open the hood on a Mercedes Benz 1998 c280 by pulling the red lever marked hood on the driver's side. The hood can then unlatched and fully opened.

What is the oil capacity of a 1998 Mercedes Benz c280?

8.5 quarts i think

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When replace rear main seal on 1998 Mercedes C280 the rear main seal retainer need to be replaced too?

dont do it

How do you reset a 1996 c280 Mercedes?

Resetting a 1996 c 280 Mercedes can be done by asking questions of a person who is either a mechanic or works at an auto store. The owner's manual of the Mercedes and a 1996 c 280 Mercedes Chilton can provide the information needed.

Your Mercedes c280 will not go forward or reverse What could be the problem?

When a Mercedes C280 will not move in forward or reverse it is an indication that the transmission is going out or has already gone out in the car. This is true of all cars, not just a Mercedes.

Remove the 1997 c280 ignition pack?

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How do you find oil filter on Mercedes c280?

It is located between the rear of the engine and the firewall. My MB is C280 '95.

Where is the battery on a 95 Mercedes c280?

I have a 99 c280 and my battery is in the truck under the floor flap on the right side

How to obtain radio code to 1996 Mercedes c280?

The best way to obtain the code to Mercedes c280 is from your dealer. You should also check if the code is included in the owners' manual.Ê

1998 Mercedes Benz c280 you have problem when you turn on defrog the compressor is on?

That's ot aproblem...that's hoe defrost all cars

Is 2000 Mercedes C280 better than C230Compressor?

Honestly? No.

Does a c280 Mercedes Benz have a fuse for fuel pump?


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