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  • To save on a bridal gown perhaps a relative has their bridal gown they could lend you. You can also rent bridal gowns from a bridal shop. Sometimes Consignment stores have bridal gowns. If you like a fairly plain bridal gown and there is someone in your family who is a good seamstress then perhaps they may make you your wedding gown.
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You can save on bride dresses on our Bridal Gown Rental

an option is now available in the US & Canada.

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You can save on bride dresses from our Bridal Gown Rental

option is now available in the US & Canada.

For more information visit

clothing, dress, shoulder, textile
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Q: How to save on bride dresses?
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Do men buy wedding dresses?

The father of the bride and the bridegroom can also buy the wedding dresses for the bride.

Where could mother of the bride dresses be purchased from?

There are many places where one can purchase mother of the bride dresses. These dresses can be purchased from Nordstrom, Jovani, David's Bridal, Macy's and JJ's House.

Who sells plus size evening dresses especially for the mother of the bride?

You can order plus size mother of the bride dresses at The Rose Dress ( They are available in many styles, colors and sizes. Audreys Mother of the bride ( has made to order dresses.

Where to find cheap wedding and brides maids dresses?

Shop around because due to the economy many wedding shops are having great sales with slashed prices on wedding dresses and brides maids dresses. Also the bride can rent her wedding dress and that of her bride maids. If a bride is lucky enough to have a good seamstress in the family and there is enough time allotted then they can have their wedding dress and bride maids dresses made.

Are there wedding dresses available in maternity wear?

Yes, there are wedding dresses specifically made to accommodate a pregnant bride.

How much are wedding dresses usually?

Wedding dresses can range from $800 to much higher depending on what the bride to be chooses and who the designer is.Luckily, there are some designers who have a cheaper line of dresses for the frugal bride who still wants to look stunning on her wedding day.

Where can one find the best bride dresses?

There are a lot of places in order for one to find out the best bride dresses. However, it is strongly suggested that one should check out from the website Wedding beforehand.

Where can one buy Landa bride dresses?

One can buy Landa Bride Dresses from their Landa Designs website which also includes Bridesmaid Dresses, Bridal Gowns and Prom Dresses. When one sees a dress to purchase click on the item and then change to state to find a supplier near ones address.

Where can bride dresses be purchased?

There are a number of places where wedding dresses can be purchased from. They are available at retailers such as Sears, Simply Bridal and David's Bridal.

Does a fiance's mom go shopping for the bridesmaids dresses?

She can if that is what everyone planning the wedding decides. Typically, the bride chooses the bridesmaids dresses though.

Where is a good place to buy mother of the bride gowns?

Many retailers who sell wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses also sell mother of the bride gowns. Some of these retailers are Nordstrom, David's Bridal, and the website MotherOfTheBride.

Dresses For The Mother of The Bride?

When a woman gets married, the mother of the bride plays an important role in the wedding. It is essential that the mother wears a dress that is fits well and flatters the body shape. Tea length dresses are a popular choice for mothers of the bride. The tea length dress is elegant and tasteful. Dresses with sweetheart necklines are the most respectable choice for a mother of the bride. The colors will obviously vary depending upon the theme of the wedding but the mother of the bride should never wear white to the wedding.

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