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How to say bedroom in spanish?

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El dormitorio, pronounced "door me tore ee oh"

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How do you say bedroom in spanish?

the answer is Dormitorio

What are all the ways you can say bedroom in spanish?

cuarto avisacion

How do you say master bedroom in spanish?

Recamera a Majora. ( does not mean chambers of the Major!)

How do you say paint the bedroom in spanish?

pinte el dormitorio Good Luck.

How do you say please clean the bedroom in Spanish?

limpiar le habitacion (but the o has an accent on it!)

How do you say I painted the upstairs bedroom in spanish?

Pintรฉ la recรกmara de arriba.

How do you say bedrooms in spanish?

bedroom = cuarto or habitacion. In some Spanish speaking countries they use: alcoba, dormitorio, and recamara.

How do you say clean the bedroom in spanish?

"Clean the bedroom" in Spanish is "Limpia la alcoba". It is pronounced "LEEM-pee-ah la ahl-KO-bah". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

How do you say bedroom in Tamil?

you say ''padukkai arai'' in order to say bedroom in tamil

What does alcoba mean in spanish?


What does recamera mean in spanish?


How do you say parents bedroom in french?

bedroom of the parents

How do you say ''bedroom'' in France?

The bedroom is 'la chambre' (fem.) in French.

How do you say bedroom in Greek?

The Greek word for "Bedroom" is "υπνοδωμάτιο".

How do you say 'Bedroom' in Scottish Gaelic?

Seòmar-caidil means 'bedroom' in Scottish Gaelic.

Is there a apostrophe s on sister's bedroom?

If you say '' My sister's bedroom '' then yes.

How do you say 'bedroom' in portuguese?

Quarto de dormir.

How do you say have Internet now on bedroom television in Spanish?

Internet tiene ahora en televisión en la recámara (from google translate)

How do you say i have a lamp and bed and drawers in my bedroom in Spanish?

Tengo una lámpara, una cama y cajones en mi habitación.

What is bedroom and bed in Spanish?

recamara y cama

What is master bedroom in spanish?

Recamara principal. (

What is Spanish for room?

room = cuarto room in a building = habitacion For bedroom, Spanish is dormitorio

How do you say my sisters bedroom in french how do you say my sisters bedroom in french?

la chambre de ma soeur

How do you say the bedroom is in French?

'the bedroom is ..' translates as "la chambre est ..." in French.

How do you say mum and dads bedroom in spanish?

La recámara / la alcoba / el dormitorio / el cuarto de los papás / padres.