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How to set up a rabbit nesting box?


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You will have to fill up the nesting box with 2 inches of shaved ceder. Or to the second nuckle of your logest finger. Then you would loosly put hay in the rest of the box. Take your fist and put a tuked hole in the box. Your mother rabbit will take care of the rest. She should pull out a lot of fur from her neck and put it around the hole. If she doesn't have enogh fur you think, collect hair from brushing her and put it in the box. Good luck with your kits!


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Get a computer cam an hang it in the nesting box but maybe you should ask someone else becouse im only 11 but i know every thing about any animal no lie

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Not at all. The female will get quite territorial if she is nesting, and if she doesn't want the male anywhere near the egg and the nesting box, she will let him know well enough.

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they set up squirrel traps, raccoon traps, rabbit traps and beaver traps

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A person can find a runaway rabbit by following its tracks. It is also a good idea to set up a trap in case the rabbit tries to come home.

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I had a rabbit and I liked to make obstacle course it enjoyed it 🐰

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