How to set up a rabbit nesting box?

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You will have to fill up the nesting box with 2 inches of shaved ceder. Or to the second nuckle of your logest finger. Then you would loosly put hay in the rest of the box. Take your fist and put a tuked hole in the box. Your mother rabbit will take care of the rest. She should pull out a lot of fur from her neck and put it around the hole. If she doesn't have enogh fur you think, collect hair from brushing her and put it in the box. Good luck with your kits!
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What to use for nesting materials in a rabbit nesting box?

Rabbits will create their own nests so you need only provide the materials, outside of the box for them to create it. They will make the nest from hay and fur. So, provide

Do you need a nest box if your rabbit is pregnant?

Yes. Some breeders put it in 26 days after mating. Others 28 days. Rabbits take 30-31 days to have their litter. Do a search on nesting boxes. There are many types of nesting

How do make a nesting box for rabbits?

Just about any type of box will do. You can use a crisp box or nappy box. Just make a hole big enough for her to go into and put it in the hutch. Put some sawdust and straw in

What is the best nest box for a rabbit?

i would say a wood nest box for colder days and a metal nest box for the warmer days days because a metal nest box would just get cold when in the winter so that would freeze

When do you put a nesting box in hutch for your rabbit?

Rabbits as such does not need a nesting box. They should always have a 'private' room where they can go though. Provide them with hay or dried gras and they will make the nes