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How to stop growing so fast?

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It isn't possible nor is it healthy to try.

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Do feet stop growing?

Eventually they do when you reach a certain age where you stop growing.....So YES feet do stop growing! EVENTUALLY!

How fast is the internet growing?

The internet is fastly growing everyday

How do you keep hair line ups from growing fast after around 4 days my line up fades away and i want it to stop growing fast..... what can i do?

Buy a razor a trim it yourself as it grows back. You cant stop ur natural hairline from growing back. :-(

Why the urban population growing so fast?

urban population is growing so fast because here so many facilities of schools ,hospitals ,etc. are providing to us.

Why don't plants stop growing?

well they do they stop growing when they are about to die they wilt and turn brown so basically they do...

Do babies suffer from growing pains?

yes because there bodies are growing so fast

When do tomatoes stop growing?

Its Stop Growing When Its Finish Growing

How can you tell when your breasts have stopped growing?

We stop growing around the age of 21 so by then.

What age do your feet stop growing?

Your feet never stop growing, they carry on even after your dead. So does your hair, nose and ears.

When does your tongue stop growing?

Your tongue grows with your mouth so once you mouth stops growing so will your tongue.

How can someone be so tall?

By growing until the stop

In twilight why is the baby growing so fast?

the baby 'renesme' grows fast because she is half human (so she has to grow) and half-vampire (so she grows 'fast'.

How fast does your nose grow?

There is no specific length when your nose will stop growing. The nose will tend to stop growing once you are in adulthood. However, your nose will begin to droop, making it appear longer due to gravity.

What are fast growing non rare plants?

The only fast growing and non-rare plants that I know of are simple bean plants such as lima beans. You can get them at any nearby store, so they can be considered non-rare. They are fast-growing as well.

When do human eyes stop growing?

Eyes don't stop growing. Eyes don't stop growing.

How can you stop your arm pit hair from growing fast?

you will want to cover your armpit hair with lemon rind

When does male feet stop growing?

Generally, men stop growing when they're about 23-24 ish, although this can come earlier. So, I'd expect that you feet stop growing in your early 20s Hope this helped

How can I stop growing?

When you grow up you will stop growing.

How can recycling keep landfills from growing so fast?

So less trees can be cut.

Why India is growing so fast economically?

Because my geography textbook says so.

How to stop growing taller?

There is no way to stop growing taller. You will stop growing usually around the age of 18.

What age do you stop growing your bones?

girls stop growing when they turn 18 and man stop growing when they are 21

When do cats stop growing?

Cats stop growing at about 3-4 years old. They can only grow so much...just like humans

Why do kangaroos stop growing?

Everything will stop growing when it dies

How can you stop the growing of a Aussie Salix tree at the height that it is now?

yOU CANT STOP THEM FROM growing but after about 8 months it will stop growing.

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