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How to take care of a bird?


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June 17, 2012 5:13PM

my answer is not perfect but if you have a pet bird and want it to live a healthy life, i would ugjest these because i have 4 birds

1.) your bird will want to live in a clean enviorment. which means you will have to clean its cage at loeast once a week. try not to use harmful chemicals such as clorax or windex. water is best. if you do not clean the cage your bird will live an unhealthy life and the cage will atract flies

2.) make sure you feed your bird once a day. the person that you buy your bird from should tell you the food it needs. normally birds eat dries fruit and nuts. you also want to give them water once a day too.

3.) you wanna get a good realationship with your bird so you might wanna take it out of its cage and play with it. that also helps if your bird bites if you play with it, it will start to trust you. signs that the bird is not happy(depression) is when you see the bird pulling its feather off. that means it wants some one to play with so you should play with it.

4.) you also want to make sure that once a month you want to get your birds wings and nails clipped. if you get your birds nails clipped it wont scratch you as much. if you get your birds wing clipped the bird wont be able to fly(which is good because you do not want your bird to fly away from you)

those are all you need to know to take care of a bird. it may seem simple but it is really not. if there is anything else that you need to know about your bird. i guarantee that the local bird store will let you know.