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how do I tell if my child is showing signs of ADHD at 5years old

would help if you can show me some answers

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Q: How to tell if your child is exhibiting ADHD symptoms.?
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How can you tell if a person has ADHD?

If a person displays many symptoms of ADHD [see related questions] one could suggest a person has ADHD. In some cases, such as inattentive subtypes of ADHD a person would not display obvious external symptoms. Only a doctor can confirm a diagnosis of ADHD.

Would someone tell me the signs of adhd ?

ADHD is very unique from child to child, or even from adult to adult. Some of the main signs are inattentive,, hyperactive, impulsive and disruptive. Just as every person has a unique personality, ADHD can be unique from person to person. Besides the general list above, some children with ADHD will have trouble staying on task or staying focused, doesn't pay attention to details, frequently misplaces things, can appear to not be listening or forgets instructions quickly. If you are concerned your child may have some or most of these symptoms, it is best to call a child psychologist or Psychiatrist to see if ADHD is the reason for these symptoms.

How can one determine the symptoms of ADHD?

WebMD is a good resource to find out the symptoms common in ADHD. Unfortunately, as a physician, I can tell you that many immediately connect somewhat obscure findings and diagnose themselves with these diseases.

where can i get diagnosed for adult adhd and still save money?

Go to your regular doctor and tell him/her your symptoms and that you think you have adhd. It is cheaper than going to psychiatrists or specialists.

How do you tell the difference between a naughty child and an ADHD child?

my sister as ADhd and she is not a bad kid she just couldn't understand things as well and was full of energy all the time and if you think your kid might have ADHD then you should take he or she to the doctor to get tested.

How can you tell if your child has cancer?

You can't, a doctor can. If you believe your child has cancer then you need to see a doctor and tell them the symptoms that your child is having.

How do you tell your boyfriend you have ADHD?

There is no problem with having adhd, there should be no reason you should be worried about having it or him knowing. Just sit him down ad explain the symptoms and exqactly what you are doing to control it

How do you tell someone you think they have ADHD?

say " do you have adhd?"

How many symptoms of inattention must a child have before being diagnosed with ADHD?

Do not forget- Laziness is not ADHD Boring topics are also a factor in this matter. Should a child have a high IQ, maybe the topic is being dragged along too long and should change, because the child already gets what you are trying to tell it. Otherwise, there is no definite amount. If you think he has ADHD or ADD, get him some meds. Since that is the reason why you are asking this. Remember: Children taking meds for ADD or ADHD typically end up having a form of depression. Go ahead, and buy the meds, though. Glad I could help :)

How does one tell if a 4-year-old has attention problems?

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder: The ADD symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder come in many forms and no two people display the same symptoms of ADD or ADHD. The symptoms of ADD or ADHD manifest itself in undue passivity or inattentiveness, or uncontrollable, aggressive hyperactivity. Many people with the ADD symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD may be unable to sit still, plan ahead, finish tasks, or be fully aware of what's going on around them. To their family, classmates and teachers, these people with the symptoms of ADD or ADHD seem to exist in a whirly-gig of disorganized or frenzied activity. for more Info go to:

How can you explain to your friends that you have ADHD?

Explaining to your friends that you have ADHD can be difficult. Many people have different misconceptions about ADHD or even question the legitimacy the disorder; whether you want to tell your friend or not should be your choice. If you decide to tell your friend, make sure to explain what ADHD is and isn't. If your friend is understanding, they could very well help you with your symptoms and will be able to understand if you are unable to sit through movies, etc.

How do you tell if a cat has Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a human condition. It is a syndrome characterized by chronic pain throughout the body. If your cat is exhibiting symptoms of chronic pain, you should take them to a veterinarian, to be examined.

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