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Wake up in a bad mood no one will have off for Christmas

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Consider his mindset . Hates Christmas, wants to make money and spend none

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Q: How to write diary entry imagine you are Scrooge write a diary entry?
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How do you write a diary entry about a thief roaming around your house?

If it happened in real life, recall what happened and how you felt. If it is a fictional event, imagine what would happen and imagine how you might have felt. Then, write a short entry.

What is an example of write?

diary entry

Imagine you are Tybalt. write a short diary entry after the Capulet ball to show your feeling?

talk about how much you hate capulats and the plan for the next day

How do you write a question on diary entry?

Dear diary, < Insert question here>

Did Anne Frank write in her diary in the camp?

no her last diary entry was written before she was arrested

Did martin Luther king jr write a diary entry?


How do you write a diary entry as a pilgrim?

By writing in the language that Pilgrims spoke.

How do you write a diary entry about a personal concern?

write some random words on the page and you will be fine

How do you write a diary entry about a week in Hawaii?

Just write about your week. Write about what you did, who you met, where you went, and other things.

How do you write a diary entry on the topic '' when you had come first in your class what are your feelings''?


When did Anne Frank write her last diary entry?

August 1, 1944

How should you write a diary entry in an exam?

First start with the date and then what ever the diary entry is about try and introduce some things from there and try and make it imaginativeu should just be sexy