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How to write statement of purpose for joining MBA project management?


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September 13, 2011 5:48AM

Start by answering the following questions:

1. Why do you wish to pursue an MBA? The answer to this question would be closely related to achieving your career goals. So, write your long-term and short-term goals. To make your goals convincing, show how the goals originated, in which industry and position you wish to work in, and what would you like to achieve and contribute.

2. How does your past work experience qualify you to achieve the career goals you have set for yourself? By briefly describing your career progress till date show your suitability for the career you have planned for yourself.

3. If your career progress does not support your career goals, write about your special skills and the interests you have passionately pursued at work or through extracurricular involvements that can project your fit with the future you have imagined for yourself.

4. What would be your learning objectives during the MBA? Students normally go to the programme to upgrade their knowledge, skills and attitudes.

5. Why do you wish to get your MBA from XYZ University? What characteristics of the programme attract you towards it? How would the programme help you meet your learning objectives?

After you have addressed these questions, put all your answers together to build an interesting story that projects your career goals and your suitability to achieve the goals.

i want to do MBA ,first i want to tell you that i am writing this statement because i am filling one form in that this has been asked my answer is i want to do it because i want to enter in business world and i want to start my own business which is really my aim when i was too young to think for it any one can say this that you can start your own business without doing MBA because eveyone has not studied MBA before starting business but doing business after MBA is placing a layer of cream and cheery on cake . another reason is i have done bba(cam) which is also management course or you can say a professional course which will help me a lot in MBA.MBA is like elder brother of bba. my learning objective during MBA is to upgrade my knowledge ,skills abilities which will be definitely going to improve during and such improvement will help me in standing and working with outside world because such improvement will boost up my confidence.

i want to get admission only in this particular university because the name of this university is enough to elaborate the study of it because its placement is relly great every one want to hire people from this university because they groom students like a manager