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Samsung Rant is a CDMA phone, and right now, there is no unlocking for CDMA phones. Unlocking can only be done on GSM phones.

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2010-05-13 23:30:16
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Q: How unlock the Samsung rant of sprint?
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Where is the SIM card on Samsung rant?

the samsung rant is a sprint phone, and the sprint carrier does not use sim card technology

How much is a Samsung Rant?

The Samsung Rant in the Sprint store is $299.99 without a 2-year sprint contract. With the 2-year contract, the Rant comes free.

Which is better Samsung Rant or Lg Rumor?

Easy, the Samsung Rant is better by a long shot. The Rant comes with a USB cable and menory card, but the Rumor doesn't. The Rant also has more features (the Rant is a Sprint only phone). It can browse the internet a 3G speed, is Sprint TV capable, has a bigger and better keyboard, and the Sprint One Touch operating system is better than the Rumor's menu based system.

What is the unlock code for sprint samsung seek phone?


Can a boost mobile Samsung rant watch videos on youtube?

from what i heard you can because boost mobile is a branch from sprint the boost mobile samsung rant is a phone that sprint decided to add to boost mobile and is able to be used on you tube but if you want a second clarafication you can always call boost mobile and ask.lolz hope this helpd (:

Is the Samsung rant available in Canada?

The Samsung Rant is available in Canada under Telus. It's name is changed to the Samsung Slyde.

Need unlock code for your sprint cell phone?

forgot the code to unlock my samsung sph-m350 phone. can u help?

How do you get FREE music on your Samsung rant?

You cannot obtain free music on your Samsung Rant. You must pay for the music.

Will your Samsung rant charger fit the Samsung gravity?

no it won't.

How do you unlock a locked Samsung Sprint phone?

Ask the owner for the passcode. If you are the owner, take it to the store where you bought it.

Is there a lime green rant phone by sprint?

no there isn't.

What is better the Samsung Rant or the Highnote?

The Rant! Full QUERTY keyboard. great for texting.

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