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Beardies need 2 temps. They need a basking spot of 100-110F and a cooler spot of 75-85F.

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Q: How warm do you keep bearded dragons?
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Where bearded dragons?

Bearded Dragons live in the warm parts of Australia

How do bearded dragons get warm when cold?

by a heat lamp provided or if not your pet they will keep warm by the sun in a desrt

do bearded dragons and water dragons get along?

Noooo! you can not keep any other lizards with bearded dragons, bearded dragons need to be kept alone

Are bearded dragons warm blooded?

no they are cold blooded

Why do bearded dragons bury themselves in their sand?

to keep themselves warm at night. so you need to put a lot of that sand with calcium in it

Why do bearded dragons sleep when you hold them?

Maybe because you're warm.

What is the collective noun for a group of bearded dragons?

There is no standard collective noun for bearded dragons.Because bearded dragons do like to sun themselves:the collective noun for lizards will work: a lounge of bearded dragons; a lounge of bearded dragonsthe collective noun for crocodiles will work: a bask of bearded dragons; a bask of bearded dragons

Are bearded dragons deaf?

No bearded dragons have great hearing

Are dragons cool?

Bearded dragons are a very popular reptile pet. These little dragons are easy to keep as pets and small enough to be held. People who own them think bearded dragons are very cool.

Can you keep bearded dragons in a cage?

I don't think so :)

Are bearded dragons exstinked?

No - Bearded dragons are not extinct !

Are bearded dragons nocturnal?

Bearded dragons are not nocturnal they are diurnal.

Do bearded dragons pee?

Yes, bearded dragons do urinate.

Do bearded dragons have vertebrae?

Yes, bearded dragons have vertebrae

Why does my Bearded Dragon freeze when you put her in warm water?

Probably because Bearded Dragons would never submergethemselves in water, in their natural environment ! Bearded dragons are desert species ! The nearest they would get to water - would be to drink !

Do bearded dragons mate?

There is NO such thing as dragons. there is they are a type of lizard that lives in australia DUDE! They are not talking about mythical dragons, they are talking about BEARDED dragons!!

Are you allowed bearded dragons in Australia?

Bearded dragons are one of Australia's native reptiles. You must have a special licence or permit to keep any native, protected animal in Australia if they are not purchased from a reputable dealer. Bearded dragons may not be taken from the wild.

Are bearded dragons nice?

Bearded dragons are nice, but if you are mean to them they will be mean to you.

Are bearded dragons venomous?

No - Bearded dragons are a non-venomous species.

Can bearded dragons be friends with turtles?

can bearded dragons be freinds with a tutles

Has bearded dragons got gills?

No, bearded dragons are air breathers.

Can bearded dragons have wood chip?

no bearded dragons cannot have wood chip

Do male bearded dragons have a signal to attract female bearded dragons?


Are bearded dragons hached?

Yes they are - since Bearded dragons lay eggs.

Does the bearded dragon live in the rainforest?

No. Bearded Dragons live in more warm and desert area's, like maybe were Rattle Snakes and Cyote's live.