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The great wall, mountains, and armies

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Q: How was China protected?
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What protected china from other countries?

The Great Wall of China protected China from other countries. It was built during the Ming Dynasty from 1368 to 1644.

What physica features protected China?

What do you think the great wall of china looks like

How the Himalayas protected ancient china?

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What physical features protected China?

China was protected from invaders because of the great wall of china,the himalaya mountains to the west,the gobi desert to the north,and finally the pacific ocean to the east

How did great wall unify china?

it protected them from invaders and wars!

Should giant pandas stay protected?

Yes! They are the cutest animals in China! They need to be protected from poachers, overpopulation, and deforestation.

How is the forbidden city in china being protected?

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How is the great wall of china being managed and protected?

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Do pandas live in a country?

No. Pandas live in two countries - China and part of Mongolia. In China they are protected in mountainous nature reserves.

How is the Great Wall of China protected?

The Great Wall of China is protected by rules. One of these is no eating on the wall. Also, there are a number of groups helping as well, such as, China Heritage Quarterly and The Great Wall Group. For more information: follow the above information.

How did tribute system connected Korea to China?

Korea was settled and founded by Chinese from start. As a part of China, Korea gave tribute to mainland China and they protected Korea from enemies.

Why is the mausoleum of the 1st Qin emperor protected by UNESCO?

Because it is iconic and old to china