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Q: How was James ritty educated?
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Who was James ritty married to?

susan ritty

What year did James Ritty die?

James Ritty died in 1837 on oct. 29

Where can you find pictures of James ritty?

go on Google Images then put in 'James Ritty'

When did James Ritty die?

James Ritty died March 29, 1918, from heart trouble.

Where was James ritty born?

James Ritty, inventor of the cash register, was born in Dayton, Ohio on 29 October, 1836.

Did James Ritty Have any kids?

His fathers name was Leger Ritty

How long did James Ritty live?

James Ritty was born on October 29, 1836 and died March 29, 1918.

How did James Ritty die?

James J. Ritty died on March 29, 1918. James is best known for being a saloonkeeper from the state of Ohio. He died of heart trouble at the age of 82.

What did James j ritty invent?

James J. Ritty was the inventor of the cash register. Besides being an inventor, he was also a saloon keeper.

Who invented cash registers?

James Ritty

Where did James ritty live?

Dayton ohio

What did James ritty invent?

James ritty invented the first cash register bc he was a saloon owner and he needed a place to put his money after each customer.