How was Peru discovered?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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well there was this guy named lary. well one day lary dropped his apple cider and decided to go out and find it. i know if he droped it he shouldn't have had to go looking for it, it would have had been near, however. he came apon this place and named it Peru. the end

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Q: How was Peru discovered?
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What did Pizarro discovered?

Peru Peru He did not only discover Peru he discovered a island called Lima also.

What lands did Francisco Pizarro discovered?

Pizarro discovered the Incan lands including but not limited to Peru and made Lima the capital of Peru

What year was Peru discovered?

The country of Peru was discovered in 1524. Spanish explorer Francisco Pizzaro is credited with discovering Peru along with Diego de Almagro, and Hernando de Luque.

Who discoverd Peru?

fransico pizzaro discovered preu

What achievements did he msake while he was exploring Peru and south America?

he discovered food from Peru and other sourses \

Did fransico Pizarro discover Mexico?

No. He discovered and conquered Peru, though.

Conquered the incas of Peru?

discovered the Pacific Ocean

Who discovered the Peru?

The most well known indigenous people in Peru were the Incas, although there are several other groups. The Spanish turned up centuries later, so they can't claim to have discovered it- in fact, they were the last to get there.

What is Machu Piccho?

an incan ruin in Peru discovered by hiram bingham in 1911

Who was the explorer who sailed down the coast of South America and discovered Peru?

i donno

Who is the explorer who sailed down the coast of South America and discovered Peru?

americo verspucci

Three explorers from Europe?

Cristobal Colón - Christopher Columbus - discovered America Fernando Pizarro - discovered Peru Charles Darwin - discovered some islands near the south of Chile