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Because while Plato believed that the only authentic existents are ideas, he also believed that these ideas have an independent existence, i. e., are not only contents of the mind as in berkelian idealism, in the realm of the intelligible.

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Q: How was Plato an idealist and a realist at the same time?
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Why is it appropriate to speak of Confucius as an idealist?

It may not be proper to consider him completely as an idealist, but his views could logically lead one to idealism. He wanted reality to reflect Heaven, thus we have the Mandate of Heaven that causes various dynasties to come and go. This can be likened to Platonic Idealism, in that Plato believed that the world was a reflection of the Realm of Forms. These are viewed to be ideas themselves. Idealist schools of Confucianism did later arise after the time of Confucius.

Another realist playwright working in America at roughly the same time as Miller was?

Tennessee Williams

Was Charles Dickens an impressionist realist or romanticist?

Charles Dickens was a realist, one of the most famous and foremost of his time.

Why did Plato like socrates?

Plato thought Socrates was the most just person of that time and Plato agreed with socrates' beliefs

James Joyce is considered to be a realist writer?

James Joyce was considered a realist author of his time. He attempted to show the people his commitment to government issues through his writings.

What did realist authors such as Mark Twain and Henry James write about?

Realist authors such as Mark Twain and Henry James wrote about life as it was at the time of their lives. These stories were generally fiction but were enhanced with details of real life at the time.

What are the great contributions of Plato for logic?

In his Republic, Plato explicitly states the principle of non-contradiction, i.e. something cannot both be A and not A at the same time in the same way, he may be the first thinker to ever explicitly define this central principle of reasoning in clear terms in writing.

What kind of scientist was Plato?

Plato was not a scientist - the scientific method had not been invented in this time and therefore he can not be called a scientist.

What was the sexual orientation of Plato?

In Plato's time, the cultural attitude toward sexuality was so different, that sexual orientation as we know it was hard to describe. All we can say is that Plato was known to have sexual affairs with both men and women, which was typical of the time.

What day was Plato born?

Plato was born a really long time ago and is estimated to be born around 429 B.C.

What are Plato's contributions to science?

Plato was born in 428 BC. and died in 348 BC. Some of his major contributions to science were actually his contributions to religion. At the time, religion and science were almost the same thing. His influence stayed for years and years after his death. Most of his contributions come from Aristotle, as he accepted Plato's view and worked off of that. Plato's view was that the world can be explained in terms of form, matter and teleology, or the function of objects. Galileo also used Plato's method of writing dialogues.

What did Plato in ancient Greece do?

invented a school for the first time