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It was used for the seats

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Q: How was nasa's temper foam used in space?
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Why did Columbia space shuttle blow up?

The Space Shuttle Columbia did not actually blow up. Rather, it was torn apart and disintigrated. The Columbia disaster was caused as a result of foam on the space shuttle's external fuel tank (ET). The ET is covered in insulating foam to prevent ice from forming from the cold liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen propellants. During launch, aerodynamic forces pulled a large piece of the foam off of the ET, and it impacted some of the space shuttle's Reinforced Carbon-Carbon (RCC) panels on the left wing, causing a hole. The RCC panels are used to protect the space shuttle from the violent heat of re-entry. However the hole allowed hot gases to melt the inside of the shuttle's wing, which destroyed it structurally. As Columbia's structure melted and fell apart, aerodynamic forces broke up the vehicle into hundreds of thousands of pieces, killing the crew.

Was edible toothpaste used in a mission in space?

was toothpaste used in a misson in space

What is a space shuttle what does it do?

A space shuttle is a reusable launch and orbital spacecraft. It was designed by NASA for human space flight. The space shuttle takes humans into space. It also can be used to deploy satellites, probes, additions to the space station, and parts used to work on the space station. The space shuttle has also been used to conduct experiments in space.

What are the roles of the space shuttle and the space station in space programs?

they both can be used in space to do missions

Names of space shuttles first used in 1980?

No space shuttles were used in 1980.

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It was used for the seats

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