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People got given ration books

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Q: How was rationing enforced in the world war 2?
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Was rationing in World War 2 a success?


Was rationing in World War 2 successful?


Why did was rationing started in world war 2?

Because there were a lack of suplies during world war 2

When was rationing introduced in ww2?

1939 everyone in Britain was issued with a rationing book (in World War 2 )

When was rationing discontinued in Australia after World War 2?


When did World War 2 petrol rationing start?


Was rationing in Australia in World War 2 means tested?


How did rationing help contribute to the war effort in World War 2?

by balls

What is rationing and how was it used during World War 2 globally?

rationing is fapping and it was the same way we use it today

Was rationing fair for everyone in the country in World War 2?

No! period.

When and why was rationing introduced in Australia in World War 2?

because they wanted to

What year did rationing stop in World War 2?

mainly in the 1950s