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How was the French Bible different?

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French translations of The Bible have been translated from Greek and Hebrew into French. English translations have been translated from Greek and Hebrew into English

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Bible but the pronunciation is different.

There are 25 books in the French bible.

In French, the bible is le bible. It is the same word in both languages.

Live by the Bible could be translated as 'vivre selon la bible' in French

Antoine de Montchrestien has written: 'Haman' -- subject(s): Drama, French drama, Bible plays, French, Haman (Biblical character), French Bible plays 'Two French Biblical plays' -- subject(s): Drama, French drama, Bible plays, French, Haman (Biblical character), French Bible plays

There is no bible of the French revolution. There are many historical books about the period, both fiction and non-fiction

no it is not in the bible it is a Russian and french word in Russian it means hope

The Rainbow Study Bible is a Bible in which the verses are highlighted by the publishers, with different colors for different subjects.

The New Testament written by the Church and added to the Bible makes it different.

A Bible that has been illustrated by famed French artist Gustave Dore.

Answer.Because the Books in the bible were written by different authors, at different times in history, for different audiences and for in different styles.

I believe that there is only one Peter in the Bible, the Apostle Peter.

"different" is "différent" in French.

It means the rainbow in the bible.

Paul Gustave Doré is the French illustrator who is famous for his bible illustrations. He was born on 1832, and started drawing at age five.

To read= Lire The = La Bible = Bible = lire la Bible. Then again, it depends on what "read" means... If it is "study", then : étudier la Bible.

There are 29 different persons named Zechariah in the Bible.

their are 26 different sections of the bible apparently but i don't no what they are :)

French do not speak a different language: they all or nearly all speak French. The people who do not speak French, are the ones using a different language.

There are no specific number of pages , because the pages differ from bible to bible as there are different versions and types of bible.

A good Bible college will be different for each person because each person is looking for something different. Try looking at to see what people say about different Bible colleges.

The name Renae does not appear in the Bible. However, in French and Latin it means reborn.

There are 40 authors who wrote the bible.

there are three different ways of interpreting the bible .

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