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they were important to feed the native americans


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The horse, buffalo, and the dog were important to plains tribes.

Many European Americans came to the Great Plains and killed the buffalo. The Native Americans also hunted the buffalo for their meat and skin.

Yes. The plains Indians lived off the buffalo. However there were many tribes of Native Americans. The ones living in the northwest were fishermen.

To the Plains Indians it represented Manna from was the essence of their life it gave them anything they needed

Buffalo! Buffalo was their source for everything; Food, clothes, shelter, etc.

They were valuable and used them for everything.

The Native Americans of the great plains depended on the buffalo. They ate its meat and made their clothing and homes from its skins. White men's guns killed the buffalo depriving the Native Americans of food, clothing, and shelter. White men's cows ate the grass the buffalo needed. White men's fences prevented the buffalo from changing pastures. Thus, the white men made it impossible for the Native Americans to continue their relationship with the buffalo.

The native Americans needed to have move able houses so that they can fallow the buffalo every time they migrated, because they hunted buffalo.

The plains Indians virtually had to change their way of life after the buffalo became scarce. Other Indians did not live where buffalo were.

The army encouraged white hunters to kill the buffalo to force the Native Americans onto reservations. The Native American in the plains depended on the buffalo to survive.

tipis were easy to move, so the plains Native Americans could move with the herd, which was usually buffalo

Certain animals such as bear, deer, and buffalo are what the Native Americans usually ate.

The Native Americans of the Great Plains relied on the buffalo population for food, shelter, clothing, and fuel. As white settlers moved into the region, they shot and killed buffalo for sport and by 1890 there were fewer than 1000 buffalo left on the plain (65 million in 1800). Without their main source of food many Native Americans suffered

i believe it was the sharp decline in the bison(buffalo) population.

which native america lived in plains

No, not until forced to do so by the depletion of their major food source, the Buffalo.

The plains tribes which included the Sioux, Blackfoot just to name two.

The native Americans of the great plains lived in teepees, but not all native Americans did.

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