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who were the crusades fought by

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the crusades were fought in the middle east, some in spain, germany and byzantine.

The Crusades were fought by the Christians and the Muslims.

Fought in the middle east they were.

No. The Crusades were wars fought between Christians and Islam.

Those who fought during the crusades were: the Seljuk Turks, the European Christians, and the Muslims.

The two mains sides that fought in the crusades were the Christians and Muslims.

The popes promised the crusaders that they would go to Heaven if they fought in the crusades

There were 8 crusades all together.

The main area that the Crusades were fought was in the city of Jerusalem.

Crusades fought in the Middle East occurred in the medieval times, from 1096 to 1291.

Well the Crusades were, obviously, fought, from 1096-1291 when Acre fell to the Saracens in the region known as the Levant

Who were in the Crusades who started the Crusades who fought in the Crusades how long did each Crusade last how long was the longest Crusade

Not far the Crusades were fought on or near the Arabian Penensula

The Crusades were fought between Christians and Muslims. They fought in the Middle Ages, and actually fought violently. Both sides wanted to take control of Jerusalem.

The Crusades were religious wars fought in medieval times.

It was fought as an answer to the fall of the Country of Edessa by the forces of Zengi.

The muslims and crusaders fought against each other in the middle ages during the crusades.

The surfs fought in the Crusades because they wanted the same rights as the nobles.

All the soldiers that fought in the Crusades were Crusaders, and you could identify them by the red cross on their white cloth over their armor. Christians and Muslims:)

because.........they needed to capture Jerusalem

It was fought for in the crusades.

How about the Christians and Muslims

Jerusalem was one of them...

Well, lets not be as specific as "Catholic", but yes, the Christians and the Muslims fought in the Crusades.

The Crusades were an attempt by the Christian States to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims, who had invaded an captured it.

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