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who were the crusades fought by

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Q: How was the crusades fought?
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Where were crusades fought?

the crusades were fought in the middle east, some in spain, germany and byzantine.

Where were the crusades fought?

Fought in the middle east they were.

Who was fighting the Crusades?

The Crusades were fought by the Christians and the Muslims.

When crusades fought?

in 1066

Who fought duringn the crusades?

Those who fought during the crusades were: the Seljuk Turks, the European Christians, and the Muslims.

Were the Crusades wars fought by Christians against the Pope?

No. The Crusades were wars fought between Christians and Islam.

What were the two main sides that fought in the crusades?

The two mains sides that fought in the crusades were the Christians and Muslims.

What was promised to those who fought in the crusades?

The popes promised the crusaders that they would go to Heaven if they fought in the crusades

How many major Crusades were fought?

There were 8 crusades all together.

Where did the Crusades fight?

The main area that the Crusades were fought was in the city of Jerusalem.

The crusades were fought by?

all correct

What countries were the crusades fought?


When where and were the crusades fought?

Well the Crusades were, obviously, fought, from 1096-1291 when Acre fell to the Saracens in the region known as the Levant

When were the series of crusades fought in the Middle East?

Crusades fought in the Middle East occurred in the medieval times, from 1096 to 1291.

How far were the Crusades from Europe?

Not far the Crusades were fought on or near the Arabian Penensula

What are some questions on the Crusades?

Who were in the Crusades who started the Crusades who fought in the Crusades how long did each Crusade last how long was the longest Crusade

Are the crusades still fought today?

Yes,they are.

What is a sentence using the word crusades?

The Crusades were religious wars fought in medieval times.

Who was the crusades war between?

The Crusades were fought between Christians and Muslims. They fought in the Middle Ages, and actually fought violently. Both sides wanted to take control of Jerusalem.

Why was the second crusades fought?

It was fought as an answer to the fall of the Country of Edessa by the forces of Zengi.

What groups fought against each other during the crusades?

The muslims and crusaders fought against each other in the middle ages during the crusades.

Why did surfs fight in the crusades?

The surfs fought in the Crusades because they wanted the same rights as the nobles.

What city were the crusades fought over?

Jerusalem was one of them...

Why was the Crusades fought?

because.........they needed to capture Jerusalem

The crusades were fought for controle of the country and the ciry of?


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