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There was nothing 'right' about it. The internment was a violation of USA law in that census data was used criminally to identify the Japanese Americans. The internment itself was morally wrong in that it violated American priciples of due process and protection of the laws of the land. This said, war in its nature is full of extremes. All nations involved in war toss out certain rules that would never be considered in peace time. After the war is over, there are always groups seeking compensation and apologies. Once you realize that all wars are a fight between nations for primacy. All nations use whatever means are available to win the fight for national survival. It is not fair after the fact to judge those actions taken during the stress and strain of battle. Instead of looking for bad guys, good guys and bogeymen, the mature way to review history is to realize that all nations strive for power and do whatever they perceive it takes to achieve that goal, even if it means damaging their own citizens.

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Q: How was the internment of Japanese citizens right?
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How many internment camps for the Japanese were there in all?

There were twelve internment camps for 110,000 Japanese resident aliens and citizens living on the west coast.

Who lived in the Japanese internment camps?

Canada: Canadian citizens of Japanese descent lived in the internment camps. I'm not too sure about the Americans :P

Was the internment of the Japanese justified?

No it was not - they were American citizens who had done nothing wrong. They were not fighting on the Japanese side during the war. The internment was caused by fear and racism.

Which Americans were placed into internment camps?

the japanese-american citizens of the west coast

What did the Japanese American Citizens League speak out against?

Japanese American property losses during their wartime internment.

The Japanese American Citizens League spoke out against?

Japanese American property losses during their wartime internment.

Was Japanese internment necessary?

No, absolutely not. The Japanese-American citizens that were held in internment camps were in no way anything but loyal Americans. They were denied civil rights that were granted to them in the Constitution and Japanese internment is now considered a huge mistake, though it wasn't admitted by any officials for years out of embarrassment.

Which group of people was placed in the west coast internment camps?

American citizens of Japanese ancestry

Who was involved in the Japanese internment?

dick was involved in japanese internment.

Pros and cons of the Japanese Internment Camps?

Japanese internment camps were set up in the USA in WW2 to contain Japanese Americans. An obvious con of the camps were that they infringed on the rights of innocent American citizens. A pro is that they kept non Japanese Americans from panicking.

Why did the US place Japanese citizens in internment camps?

The US placed the Japanese in the interment camps because they were looking for spies. Also there was a lot of racist going towards the Chinese, Asian, and Japanese. Taking away their right to become a citizen.

What group of people did the US government place in internment camps in the early 1940s?

Japanese and Japanese-Americans, many of whom were US citizens.

How do you use Internment in a sentence?

As a noun : The internment of Japanese - American citizens during the Second World War was thought to be necessary by the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt .

What are Japanese American Internment Camps?

See website: Japanese-American internment

How many Japanese internment camps were there?

there are 39 diffrent Japanese internment camps

What was Japanese internment camps like?

See Japanese American internment camps.

Who was in the Japanese internment?

Japanese Americans no matter what their stature, because they supposedly were a possible threat. Citizens of Japan dissent in both Canada and US were interned

How did the Japanese American Citizens league fight for Japanese civil rights?

The group sought compensation for World War II internment. Novanet/Gradpoint

Which cultural group of US citizens was placed in internment camps by the United states in the 1940's?


Did the U.S. ever apologize for sending its Japanese citizens to internment camps?

Yes, as a matter of fact they did. In 1990!

What was the main constitutional issue raised by Japanese internment during ww2?

asian immigrants were not allowed to become citizens

What was the name of the last Japanese internment camp closed?

See: Japanese American internment

How did the Japanese escape the Internment camps?

See website: Japanese-American internment camps.

How big are Japanese internment camps?

See website: Japanese-American internment camps.

What was the reason for Japanese internment?

Pearl Harbor attack on Japan caused the Japanese internment