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Q: How was the red scare used to turn the public against unions?
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Why did the public turn against strikers?

They believed the strikers were communist. During the time the red scare was going on.

Why did public opinion turn against the The Central intelligence agency?

attempted to assassinate foreign leaders

What form of media did Nativity's use to turn public against newer immigrants?

by using political Cartoons

Why do beareded dragons beards turn black?

They turn black if threatened to scare the the threat away

How did the public opinion of the US contribute to the US's failiure in the Vietnam war?

The "public" was being drafted into military service; which influenced public opinion, which in turn influenced the protests and riots against the war.

Were labor unions strong before 1880?

No, labor unions did not become major factors until the late 1880s and turn of the century.

What form of media did nativists use to turn to public against newer immigrants?

political Cartoons

What battle was considered the turning point of the war and who's favor did it turn to?

Gettysburg was the turn of the war in the Unions favor. This showed many northerners that the war could be won. Sadly though, the Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle on our nations soil which pitted brother against brother.

Why did this image help turn American public opinion against the war in Vietnam?

We don't have the image you were given so the question can't be answered.

What form of media did Nativity's use to turn public opinion against newer immigration?

by using political Cartoons

What happened as a result of USS Maine?

Newspapers in the United States used the event to further turn public opinion against Spain. APEX

What happened as a result of the distraction of the USS Maine?

newspapers in the united states used the event to further turn public opinion against spain- APEX