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The red numbers on the back of a social security card are control numbers that verify the authenticity of the card. They serve no other purpose.


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You will not be able to pay any bills that way. The red numbers on the back of a social security card are control numbers that verify the authenticity of the card. They serve no other purpose.

The Social Security Act requires ALL residents of the United States and its Territories to obtain a Social Security number (SSN), in order to be able to work or receive any Social Security benefits.

You can apply at any local Social Security office, by calling Social Security at 800-772-1213, or you may be able to do it online at SSA.GOV. Eileen Kinney, Esq.

In Texas if you do not have a Social Security Number, and are not eligible to receive one, you can complete a Social Security Affidavit. This document can only be obtained at a Drivers License office and must be completed in the presence of an officer. If you are eligible to obtain a Social Security Number, but do not have one, you will not likely be able to complete this Affidavit and receive a Drivers License.

No unless it is a material part of the lawsuit. (i.e. Lawusit invovles social security benefits, employment, etc.). Reason: It violates privacy rights! Litigants want your social security number to be able to dig into your past.

You won't be able to get a normal plan, but you should be able to get a prepaid plan.

You go to your nearest social security office and you would be able to apply for it.

You may be able to use a TIN (tax identification number).

You should have your birth certificate and your driver's license. You should also be able to recite your Social Security Number for the examiner at the Social Security Office. It was no sweat for me when I needed to do so, I had those items.

Yes, it will be possible to find out what it was but you will not be able to use it.

No, Sorry to Tell you all about this , but it's not possible to lease a car or to get financed to buy one without a social security number and an OK credit score and a good driving record, for all international students and foreigners the only ways to be able to lease is : 1- work on campus to get a social security number and start to file tax. 2- get a co-signer who do have a social security number. Best wishes

You can't ... but a federal government agency might be able to. A person's 'tax ID is their Social Security Number.

Your parents should have obtained a Social Security Card for you when you were born.

You can get Social Security before age 62 only if you are able to prove disability, which is SSI.

If you are a disabled widow age 50 or older you may be able to receive benefits off your spouse’s (or former spouse’s) Social Security record. If your spouse or former spouse has recently passed away you should notify Social Security as soon as possible. Contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

You may very well be able to receive Social Security Disability depending on what kind of Illness you have. There are guides they can mail you for more information.

If you are receiving Social Security Disability and reach full retirement age, the full amount of your benefits will be transferred from SSDI to Social Security Retirement. If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income and are over the age of 62, you may be able to receive Social Security Retirement benefits in addition to your SSI if you have worked and paid into Social Security long enough to be eligible.

No, to collect social security disability you must not be able to work any job in the national economy.

An illegal immigrant with a social security number may be able to renew a drivers license. However, there is no sure fire way to know whether or not this would work, simply because it is possible that they could get caught.

Yes, someone on the social security can be able to cosign for a loan. The person cosigning the loan however has to have good credit regardless of his availability on the social security benefit.

The website you are most likely going to get the most accurate information from is That is the official social security website where you will be able to find anything about social security including disability benefits.

Georgia has nothing to do with it, Social Security is Federal. I believe you can collect until 21 or 24 as long as you are in school. You can call Social Security and ask. There will be a phone number listed in the phone book or you can ask online.

He can't. That is one of the pitfalls of hijacking someone else's SSN. He'll never be able to collect Social Security payments earned under the false number either.

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