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como fue tu cumpleanos (accent on first 'o. first 'e'; ~, tilde, on the 'n' in 'cumpleanos')

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Como estuvo tu cumpleanos

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Q: How was your birthday in Spanish?
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What is the word 'birthday' when translated from English to Spanish?

"Cumpleanos" means "birthday" in Spanish.

How do you spell birthday in spanish?

Birthday in Spanish is "cumpleaños" (singular or plural noun). Happy Birthday! = ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

HOW do you say when is my birthday in spanish?

"when is my birthday" translates to "cuando es mi cumpleaños" in Spanish.

What is birthday in Spanish?


Birthday in Spanish?


How do you say my birthday in spanish?

"Mi cumpleaños". That is how you say "my birthday".

How do you say my birthday is on in spanish?

Mi cumpleaños es (your birthday)

How do you say when its your birthday in Spanish?

Cuando(when) es(its) tu(your) cumpleaños(birthday).

How do you say his birthday is in Spanish?

it's his birthday - "es su cumpleanos"

How To Say Birthday In Spanish?


How you say birthday in spanish?


Her birthday is in Spanish?

cumpleanos de ella