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Q: How weathering and erosion affect rock?
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How does weathering affect erosion?

Weathering can effect erosion in that the absence of support from wind and brine pounding against the rock (weathering) just simply lets the dirt, gravel, etc. to just slide down (erosion).

Can humans activivities affect the rock cyrcle?

Human activities influence different factors that affect the rock cycle, for example, soil erosion and weathering. Human activity such as mining affects rocks' weathering, affecting the rock cycle. Other human activities such as farming affect soil erosion, and soil erosion is a factor that affects the rock cycle.

What geologic process can change any type of rock into sediment?

Weathering and erosion

What combination of process can transform a metormorphic rock to sediments?

Exposure, weathering, and erosion can transform a metamorphic rock into sediments.

What rock can be changed into sediment by weathering and erosion?

Any and all rock can be changed into sediment by weathering and erosion.

What is wearing away and removal of rock materials?

This is called erosion.

Any rock exposed at Earths surface will undergo?

The rock or rocks will undergo weathering and erosion.

How do floods cause weathering or erosion?

Weathering and erosion are two factors that affect the geomorphology of the Earth. They change a plain by altering its surface through the decomposition and transport of rock materials.

The process that breaks down rock and other materials at earth's surface is called?

It is called weathering. Erosion is the weathering and movement of rocks and rock fragments.

How can nature change the rock cycle?

By weathering and erosion. The types of weathering used is:physical weathering- when a plant grows inside a rock and the roots break it apart; abrasion- mechanical weathering - erosion- and chemical weathering - acid rain, water weathering and erosion.

How are weathering erosion and deposition related to the rock cycle?

by weathering

What type of weathering process causes underground erosion?

Climate can affect weathering and erosion. The 2 factors include temperature and moisture. Warm climates favor chemical weathering while cold climates favor physical weathering. Dissolving Rock.