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during ww1 the army got around mostly by horse and used mules instead of trucks. blacksmiths shod the animals.

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During the revolutionary war blacksmiths would make weapons such as guns, canons, and swords.

The French used the franc during World War II.

The words tummy and belly were used during the world war 2 era.

Everyone used propaganda during World War II and most of it was untrue.

Dynamite was used in World War 1, but stopped using it during World War 2

The French used the franc during World War II.

They were mostly used for the transportation of Jews to and from concentration camps during the Holocaust, which was during World War 2.

During World War 2, it is reported that over 2,000 variants of Japanese Submarines were used during World War 2. Out of this, it is estimated that 10,000s were likely to be used during WW2.

Bombs were invented during WWI, But they were not used until WWII.

No the nitrogen mustards were stockpiled during world war one but, they were never used.

Germany used antifreeze and other substances during World War II. The Nazis used it to keep soldiers addicted and under their control.

Mustard gas was used inside the gas bombs during World war 1

The Germans used mustard gas during world war one.

Over 100 million rifles were used during World War 2.

People worked as blacksmiths, farmers, merchants, silversmiths, planitation owners and soldiers.

One type of weapon that was not used in World War I was the atomic bomb. The technology was generated during World War II.

what were donkeys used for during ww1

Death was the penalty for looting during the 2nd world war in the UK, however it was never used.

During World War 2, penicillin was first mass-produced and saved millions of lives.

Chlorine gas was used as a weapon during World War I. Salt is Sodium chloride.

No- it was first used in 1915- World War I. See link below-

Airplanes were mostly used as Spy Planes in World War 1.

New weapons used during World War 1The new weapons that were used during World submarines with torpedos. If your interested in these modern weapons, go to...

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