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Same way as any property . There were also slave auctions.

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Q: How were slaves bought and sold in the slave trade?
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What is a reformed slave trader?

The term reformed slave trader refers to a person who once bought and sold slaves. This person has now turned from this trade for any number of reasons.

What effect did the 1808 ban on the Atlantic slave trade have on slavery in America?

The end of the Atlantic slave trade effected slavery in the sense that the internal slave trade began. Post 1808 slaves were now being sold from upper southern states to the lower southern states. This internal slave trade often broke up families and many slaves had to walk hundreds of thousands of miles, while still chained, to their new plantations.

How did the Atlantic slave trade lead to the African diaspora?

Large communities of Africans developed in the countries where slaves were sold.

What did the spanish begin the Atlantic slave trade?

No. Slave trade has been going on for thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans bought and sold slaves and for every war they took slaves. The Spanish in the Southwest used Native Americans as slaves. Columbus on his 2 nd voyage took 1200 Native Americans as slaves, but at one point in the American colonies slaves could escape to Florida and the Spanish to find freedom. They could own businesses, go to school, buy property.

What were the economic benefits of the West Indies triangular trade of slaves?

There were many economic benefits to the triangular slave trade that took place in the West Indies. Slaves were picked up from Africa and sold in the American Colonies. From there, slave traders took cotton and tobacco and sold it in Europe. Then, from Europe, they would have gathered rum and textiles to sell to Africa in exchange for slaves, and so on.

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Why the slave trade continued for so long?

Slaves have been bought and sold for thousands of years. Today there are still slaves. They are taken in war, for purposes of tribal or ethnic cleansing and sold into the sex trade.

What is a reformed slave trader?

The term reformed slave trader refers to a person who once bought and sold slaves. This person has now turned from this trade for any number of reasons.

Who bought and sold human beings?

Slavers and slave markets. Today there are 25 million slaves taken in war and bought and sold as sex slaves for the pornographers.

How did dutch profit from slave trade?

they sold slaves to american plantation

How did the Dutch profit the slave trade?

they sold slaves to american plantation

Who captured the Africans who were sold in the Atlantic slaves trade?

West African slave traders

Why was ending the international slave trade not a good thing for slaves?

Slave families were separated, and members were sold to other plantations.

What caused the African slave trade?

Slave trade has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks, Romans,Egyptians, pirates, and others traded, sold, and captured people to sell as slaves. The African slave trade was just an extension of slavery and had also been in existence for thousands of years. Slavery still exists today and Isis has produced a manual on the capture and treatment of slaves. Many are women and children in areas that they have taken. In Southeast Asia there are women who are sex slaves and children who are bought and sold for sex.

What were some jobs that directly or indirectly supported the slave trade in England?

Sailor - to man the ships that transported the slaves Merchant - bought and sold slaves Banker - financed the merchants Police - enforced the laws that permitted slavery Legislator - enacted the laws that permitted slavery Clergy - taught the people that slavery was acceptable Slave owners (plantation owners, etc) - bought slaves and used them for labor Consumers - who bought the products produced using slave labor

What rights did the African's have in the slave trade?

Little to none. ------------------------------------------------------- The Africans that sold the slaves (in Africa) to the slave traders did very well by the slave trade and the coastal Kingdoms grew rich and powerful.

How do you use the word slave in a sentence?

People bought and sold slaves to work on large plantations. You sir are my slave. That would be a good sentance

Who sold the slaves to the Europeans?

For the most part, slaves were sold to European traders by slave traders. These were people who bought and sold slaves just like any other commodity. But they were not just any slaves they got paid a little bit for there work