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How were the olympic and casade mountain range formed

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Q: How were the Cascade Mountains and the Olympic Mountains formed?
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How do the Cascade Mountains formed?

From magma and erosion

What is another mountain range in Washington besides the Cascade Mountains?

The Olympic Mountain Range is in Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula.

The Olympic Mountains the Columbia river and the cascade range are all part of your geography what state am i?


Are cascades mountains formed from collisions of continents?

The Cascade Mountains were formed by the Juan De Fuca plate and the North American plate constantly colliding.

How was the Andes Mountains and Cascade Mountains most likely formed?

A convergent boundary between an oceanic plate and a continental plate.

Where are the cascade mountains found?

The Cascade Mountains are in Washington the state.

What major rivers and mountain ranges are in Washington state?

One is the Cascade Mountain Range wich goes through Oregon Washington and Canada and the other is the Olympic Mountain Range on the Olympic peninsula on the west coast of Washington.

What is the entertainment for cascade mountains?

The entertainment in the cascade mountains is just hiking and the scenery.

What are the geographical regions of Washington state?

There are 7 regions in Washington: Olympic Peninsula, Blue Mountains, The Cascade Mountains, Puget Lowlands, Willapa Hills, and The Columbia Basin.

What is the name of the mountains on the west coast of the US?

Sierra Mountains and the Cascade Mountains.

What are the major geographic features of washington state?

Olympic Peninsula, Blue Mountains, Puget Sound Lowlands, Cascade Mountains, Columbia Basin, Willapa Hills, Okanogan Highlands

How did the cascade mountains form?

The Cascade mountains were formed by a subduction zone with the Juan De Fuca plate went under the North American plate why the Juan De Fuca went under was because its more dense than the North American plate.