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How will taking steroids and alcohol affect your pregnancy during the first trimester?

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Yes!! Do not take steroids or alcohol at ALL DURING A PREGNANCY!!! dont do drugs ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== DRINKING alcohol during pregnancy can cause your child to be born with FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME. An FAS baby has multiple problems, including birth defects and learning disabilities. For your BABY not to have life long problems, PLEASE DO NOT DRINK or take drugs during any stage of your pregnancy.

2007-01-28 07:00:58
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How does alcohol affect the baby during the early trimester of pregnancy?

Excessive alcohol can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, the number one preventable birth defect. Brain and physical development can be affected, possible severely if alcohol abuse is severe.

Can steroids and alcohol affect your libido?

Yes it can't not affect your libido maybe

Can steroids affect pregnancy?

no but it can make your balls smaller lol

Would binge drinking once or twice a week be more likely to affect facial features during the first second or third trimester of pregnancy?

First. It is during the 1st trimester that the affects of fetal alcohol syndrome have a physical affect (drinking later causes the cognitive effects, but earlier in the pregnancy can cause the characteristic facies)

How co-codasmol affect pregnant?

It does not normally affect pregnancy at all, but it may be a problem in the 3rd trimester.

Do steroids affect Depo-Provera?

If you are talking about the pregnancy prevention shot then no, you should not take any steroids. Besides, steroids are bad no matter who takes them but especially for a female.

Does drug and alcohol use affect a pregnancy?


Does alcohol prevent pregnancy?

Can it affect fertility if you're looking to get pregnant? Sure. Will it prevent pregnancy? No.

Do marijuana edibles affect the baby during pregnancy?

Pretty much any kind of drug smoking or alcohol will affect your baby during pregnancy and breast feeding

Can alcohol affect pregnancy test results?

No. "Alcohol and illegal drugs do not affect HPT results."

Is constipation normal in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, it's very normal. It's because of the hormones - they affect your whole body and can cause constipation

Do steroids affect the birth control pill?

Steroids do not affect how well the birth control pill works.

Do steroids affect plants?

Steroids certainly do affect plants in a number of ways. Usually steroids will help plants grow to be very large and very hardy.

How do steroids affect the digestive system?

how do steroids effect the digestive process

Will clonipin affect the baby if you take it during pregnancy?

STOP USING IT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT! It has been known to cause fetal malformations. It is best not used at all during pregnancy, but strictly avoid it during the first trimester.

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Does alcohol before pregnancy affect miscarriage rate?

Yes it can and it cannot. Due to the chemicals that are present in alcohol, a shrinkage of blood occurs within the fetus. This can quite possibly cause a miscarriage or some affect on the birthing period.

Can steroids affect birth control?

If you're taking steroids, I wouldn't bother taking birth control, steroids can make you sterile.

How do steroids affect the circulatory system?

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