How will the 10th Doctor regenerate?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Nobody apart from those who work on the show know for sure what will happen to 10, but seeing as The Master is returning he could have something to do with the regeneration.

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Q: How will the 10th Doctor regenerate?
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What ocean did the 10th doctor regenerate in journey's end?

I dont think he was in an ocean... He was in the Tardis...?

What does The Doctor name his daughter on Doctor Who?

The Doctor names his daughter "Jenny." Jenny was created by an extraction of the 10th Doctor's DNA, from tissue in his hand. Jenny has the ability to regenerate just as the Timelord race. This means she has The Doctor's abilities.

What will happen when the 11h Doctor dies?

He will regenerate into the 12th Doctor.

What will happen after the 12th Doctor dies in Doctor Who?

He'll regenerate into the 13th Doctor.

How did the fourth Doctor regenerate?

The fourth Doctor fell off a bridge.

Will the 11th Doctor die?

Eventually yes, he will regenerate into the twelfth Doctor.

Why did romana regenerate in Doctor Who?

Romana was another Time Lord, like the Doctor.

When does the Tenth Doctor regenerate?

In the movie, The End Of Time.

Who did Tom Baker regenerate into as Doctor Who?

Peter Davison.

Why does the Doctor regenerate?

Time Lords regenerate because they have a injury or something is wrong, it's their way of healing themselves.

In what episode did the eighth Doctor regenerate in?

It is unknown, the Eighth Doctor only appeared in a movie.

What is the 10th Doctor Who's real name?

The 10th Doctor Who was played by David Tennant from 2005-2010.