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Q: How will you contribute the recovery of ozonosphere give 2 points?
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Why do they give points after feedback?

It is other users who give trust points. They give you these points for seeing useful answers you have submitted.

What word means to something is to give along with others?


What is synonym for give?

A synonym for give is relinquish.Hand out, Contribute

Can you give me a sentence using the word contribute?

Why do I continue to contribute my time and energy on you.

Is there any cheats for omg pop ballono?

maybe so but if so you may find it, it will give u cheats but reanact them and send you with a minus number of points and a contribute to a game on the iternet or desktop

What is dono in spanish?

I give, bestow, contribute (from 'donar' - to give, etc.)

What does conrtibute mean?

contribute is to give to a cause

Does recommending a question give you contribution points?

No, recommending a question or a user does not give you contribution points.

A sentence with the word contribute?

The word contribute means to give something to help. For instance, someone could contribute to a cause by giving, or donating, money.

Can you get help with your debt recovery?

Yes you can get help with your debt recovery. I would recommend to see a counselor on this one. They can guide you through what you want to accomplish and will give ideas and useful tips on debt recovery

What gives you the most points in firstinmath?

Just the facts give you points .

Can anyone give you Microsoft points if you give them some back?