How will you look after nose job surgery and how long is the recovery?

After a surgery, you�ll always look worse before you look better! After a rhinoplasty, your face is swollen, you�ll have bruising and you generally may not feel well. You may feel sad or depressed at your new look, but those feelings will pass, as every day you�ll look and feel a little better.

What type of bandaging will I have on after surgery? You�ll have a splint on your nose to help it maintain its new shape. To stabilize the septum, your plastic surgeon will use nasal packs or splints.

How will I feel and look during the first two weeks after surgery? You may experience any one or more of the following during the first two weeks after surgery.

  • Puffy face (mostly in the first 24 hours).
  • Dull headache.
  • Swelling and bruising around your eyes. The bruising may increase for two to three days before it tapers off. Apply cold compresses to relieve any pain or pressure you have from the surgery.
  • Some bleeding from the nose.
  • Stuffiness � do not blow your nose for a week or more.

During the first 24-hours, you�ll spend most of the time in bed with your head elevated. You�ll be able to control your pain using medication prescribed by your doctor.

When can I return to my normal life? Most patients are back on their feet within a few days. However, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests avoiding or being cautious of the following:

Note: Be sure to follow your doctor�s specific orders for activities to avoid. The following is only a general guideline of most activities that are avoided post-surgery.

  • Any strenuous activity that increases your blood pressure.
  • Hitting or rubbing your nose.
  • Excessive exposure to sun.
  • Don�t wear your glasses (contact lenses are ok). Talk to your doctor for tips for wearing your glasses after your surgery.

If you have any concerns about other activities you should avoid, bring them up during your scheduled follow-up visits with your plastic surgeon.

Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons.