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With english characters it would be: Rivka

the nick-name of Rivka is Rivki

to write Rivka in its Hebrew form it is:

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Yes. Rebecca is first mentioned in the Book of Genesis. In Hebrew it is Rivka (רבקה)

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Q: How will you write rebecca in Hebrew?
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How is Rebecca written in Hebrew?

Rebecca = Reevkah (רבקה)

What is the German word for Rebecca?

The Hebrew girl's name Rebecca is international.

How do you write Rebecca in Hawaiian?

Rebecca = Lepeka

How do you say Rebekah in Hebrew?

Rebecca or Rebekah = reevkah (רבקה)

How do you write oases in Hebrew?

How do you write "Oases" in Hebrew

What is the country of origin for Rebecca?

Rebecca, a Hebrew name, came from the City of Nahor or the City of Ur in the land of Shinar.

What does your name rebecca mean in different languages?

Rebecca is from the Hebrew and means 'to tie'. It means the same in other languages.

What does the name Rivkie mean?

The name Rivkie is originated as Hebrew name and is Hebrew for Rebecca, meaning the wife of Isaac from the Bible. Other variants of Rebecca: Rivkie, Rivkah, Rivkee, Rivky, Rivka, etc...

Where does the name 'Rebecca' originate from?

The name rebecca originates from the Hebrew word (hzchezk) which means noose ie. a rope with witch you hang yourself with

How do you write rovin in Hindi Hebrew?

There is no such thing as Hindi Hebrew. But if you are asking how to write it in regular Hebrew, it's רובין

What is Becky short for?

Short form of Rebecca. A Hebrew name meaning: to bind (together).

Where did the name rebecca come from?

From the Hebrew name רִבְקָה (Rivqah), possibly meaning "binding". In the Bible, Rebecca was wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau.