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Pronounced with three syllables, Toe-gah-ree.

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Q: How would とがり be pronounced in romanized characters?
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Hindi definition on autumn in Hindi?

पतझड़ is the answer. Pronounced as patajhar3a[ romanized- harvard-kyoto ] patajhara[ romanized- colloquial ] pət̪əd͡ʒʰəɽə[ romanized- ipa ]

How do you spell friend in russian not in cyrillic?

As in, romanized? The Russian word is друг, or drug, pronounced "drook."

What has the author Kikujuro Clifferd Kondo written?

Kikujuro Clifferd Kondo has written: 'Romanized English-Japanese dictionary with Chinese characters'

How do you spell Elissa in Japanese characters and in English alphabet?

In Japanese, it could be said 'erissa,' and written: エリッサ

What is the Korean word for handsome?

The Korean word for handsome is pronounced haenseom. This is the Romanized version of how to say the word, the written version is spelled out using Hangul.

How do you say 'guzheng' in chinese?

The word 'guzheng' is pronounced as "goo-jung" in English. In Chinese, it is written as 古筝, which is romanized as "gǔzhēng" in pinyin.

I would like to know the romanized hokkien dialect name for this hanyu pinyin name Jun4 as in handsome Feng1 as in peak I would like to know the romanized hokkien dialect for the hanyu pinyin?

freddy is so hot

How would you say slave or slave girl in Korean Hangul and Romanized?

노예녀:No ye nyou

What is the Korean word for ok?

1. 네 Romanized: Ne Pronounced: 'ne' as in 'never' 2. 알았어(요) Romanized: Arasseo(yo) Read: Ah-ra*-so-(yo)** 3. 괜찮아(요) Romanized: Kwaenchana(yo) Read: Kwen-chahn-a-(yo)** *The 'r' in 'ra' is slightly rolled and is neither a full R or L sound. ** Add 'yo' if you are speaking to somebody older than you or whom you are not close to. This is the particle for level 2 formal speech.

How do you say gold in mandarin?

In Traditional Chinese Characters, gold is 黃金. In Simplified Characters, it is 黄金. In Hanyu Pinyin, this is pronounced "huang2jin1." In Gwoyeu Romatzyh, it is pronounced "Hwangjin."

How do you spell the name Megan in Chinese?

Romanized it would be "Mei Gen" only because the sound is similar to the English. This gives a lot of varity because there are many characters with the similar sound. Each character has a different meaning, which makes each name special.

How many languages are used on Chinese banknotes?

All modern issue Chinese banknotes are in Standard Mandarin only. The only non-Chinese characters used are for the romanized name for the 'The People's Bank of China' on the reverse - Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang along with the romanized name of the chairman of the bank, which for current issues is Yingjie Xinshiji Jinianchao.