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At rest, not at all. BUT there would be less of an increase in cardiac output during exertion - which results in quick fatigue and lowered (maximum) activity.

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Q: How would a weak heart affect the movement of blood through the body?
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What affects the flow of blood through the heart?

things that could affect the blood flow through the heart

What is the regular wave like movement of the blood pumped by the heart through the blood vessel?

upper chambers of the heart

What organ pumps through the body?

the heart pumps through the through the body

What is movement of blood through the body?

moves from pulmonary veins to the left of the heart aorta

What causes the movement of blood through the veins?

The pressure your heart creates by pulsing, pumps blood through the veins

What is the direction of blood flow through the blood vessels?

it depends on the type of blood vessel if we say of veins so movement is in upward direction if we say about arteries so movement is downward.

What keeps the blood moving through the venous system?

Skeletal muscle movement and valves in the veins.

What is the movement of blood through vessels as a result of the heart's pumping action?

It's called the Circulation, as it is a flow from heart to lungs, back to heart, out around the body and back to the heart.

What does a normal echocardiogram show?

A normal echocardiogram shows a normal heart structure and the normal flow of blood through the heart chambers and heart valves

How would the improper fuctioning of the vale between the left atrium and ventricle affect the movement of blood throw this area of the heart?

The Mitral Valve is in between the left atrium and the left ventricle of the heart. Oxygenated blood is pumped from left atrium to the left ventricle through that valve, mitral valve, then to the whole body through the Aorta artery. So problems with this valve may make the blood go back to the atrium during the contraction of the ventricle and this leads to decrease of the pressure of blood and the amount of it to the Aorta. This can affect the whole body.

What allows the movement of blood in and out of the heart?

contraction and relaxation of the heart muscles

What effect does this have on the blood through the heart?

whe blood go's through the heart it get oxganated