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if cellular respiration does not take place, even a normal human would die... athletes are human too... no?

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Q: How would athletes be affected if cellular respiration did not take place?
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Organelle were cellular respiration takes place?


Where does photosynthesis take place where the respiration cellular take place?

Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts. Cellular Respiration takes place in the mitochondria.

What is the cellular structure where cellular respiration occur?

Cellular respiration (aka, aerobic respiration) takes place in the mitochondria (singular is mitochondrion).

Does cellular respiration take place in the lungs?

No, cell respiration takes place on a cellular scale - within all cells.

Which types of organism does cellular respiration take place in?

The organism responsible for cellular respiration is the mitochondria.

What is the Respiration happens in organelle?

Aerobic cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria. Anaerobic cellular respiration occurs in the cytoplasm.

What organella performs cellular respiration?

the initial part of cellular respiration, that is glycolysis, occur in cytoplasm. the remaining part of cellular respiration takes place in mitochondria.

What substances are nedded for cellular respiration to take place and what substances are during cellular respiration?

The substances that are needed for cellular respiration are glucose and oxygen. During cellular respiration, the cells convert food into usable energy.

Does cell respiration take place in animals?

Considering that cellular respiration takes place in humans, which are a "higher" form of animals, you can assume that cellular respiration can also take place in all other animals. Without cellular respiration, the animals would have no form of cellular energy, ATP, and would start to die off.

Where does the part of cellular respiration that needs oxygen take place?

The part of cellular respiration that needs oxygen is called aerobic respiration. It takes place in the Mitochondria (plural mitochondrion).

Cellular respiration takes place in the?


Where and when does cellular respiration take place?