How would one define direct response advertising?

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Direct response advertising is a form of marketing where there are no intermediaries between the buyer and the seller. The buyer has to contact the seller directly to purchase products or services provided.

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Q: How would one define direct response advertising?
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How would you define cooperative advertising?

Cooperative advertising is a system that allows two parties to share advertising costs.

How would you define commercial mass media?

Another way to define media by presence of some form of advertising or sponsorship for commercial purposes.

What would best define advertising?

The use of words and/or images to influence a desired reaction from an audience.

What are the direct and indirect competitors of advertising agency?

Some of the direct competitors of an advertising agency are other firms that also run advertising solutions. However, an indirect competitor would be other forms of publicity such as a person printing flyers for himself.

How would you define advertising frequency?

Advertising frequency refers to the number of times an advertisement is repeated during a given period to promote a product's name, message, and other important information.

How would you define pulsing in the context of advertising?

Pulsing indicates that advertisements will be scheduled in a disproportionate manner within a given time frame.

Where might one go to learn more about direct advertising?

The best way to get a better understanding of the fundamentals of direct advertising is to go to an advertiser and ask them about the topic. Another good way to learn more would be to study advertising that is already out there in front of you every day. By studying these effective forms of advertising one should be able to improve their understanding.

Cost of broadcasting on Trent FM?

If you're talking about advertising - your best bet would be to contact the station direct.

How would you define barter?

Barter is simply a direct exchange of goods and services for other goods and services.

How would you define the phrase cultural response?

The answer to this could be course specific, if so check with your teacher. If not I would say that a cultural response is the automatic reaction of a particular society to a condition which faces it. This is conditioned by its history, degree of uniformity, and social conditioning.

In response to the various taxes imposed by Parliament on the American Colonies the Americans employed an economic response called what?

The colonists boycotted British goods in response to England's direct taxation. This taxation would eventually lead to the American Revolution.

How does the Global advertising differ from local advertising?

Global would be advertising in many different countries, while Local advertising would be in a certain city or district.

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