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How would the atmosphere change if there were no more plants?


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There would be no oxygen. All 5 of my children in elementary school are learning this including the one in kindergarten!


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There would be significantly more CO2 in the atmosphere because plants take in CO2 during photosynthesis and fix the carbon into glucose.

Ozone in the lower atmosphere is harmful to plants and animals and the biosphere is where plants and animals live, so the more, the worse.

the dead animals are descomposed, and the nutrients now form part of the lithosphere. The animal breathing changes the atmosphere. The animal blood or waste can change the hydrosphere A change in the biosphere, litosphere, atmosphere or hydrosphere can make another change in biosphere A change in atmosphere (more tempereture) can evaporate the water, kill the animals and plants and changes in temperature (heat and cold) can break stones (lithosphere)

Animals, including man, add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by breathing it out, and by decomposing, when dead. Man also adds CO2 to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), and by destroying forests.If there were no animals, including man, then the trees and other vegetation would grow again, with little to destroy them. Trees would absorb and store carbon, and the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would come down again to more like what they were like before the Industrial Revolution.A:If there were no animals on earth all of the plants would die because plants need to take in carbon dioxide to live and produce oxygen for animals so all of the plants would die.

The atmosphere of Venus could be thought of as being more friendly to plants than to humans, but such high levels of CO2 trap so much heat that the runaway greenhouse effect would burn any Earth plants to cinders in short order.

i think there would be less oxygen because the plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen

We are adding more and more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This is causing global warming and climate change.

Due to photosynthesising, single celled organisms, the atmosphere now has much more oxygen in it. this is possibly the most important change as with out we would exist. The atmosphere originally had much more carbon-dioxide and made the planet so hot humans would not be able to survive.

The heat would make no difference, but the atmosphere would increase the weight.

There are more than two gases in the atmosphere. You need to specify the ones you are asking about.

The atmosphere is one of the most important spheres. If there was no atmosphere there would be no biosphere. If there was no biosphere there would only be the geosphere. Also, without no atmosphere there would be no more hydrosphere because of space radiation. So without the atmosphere there would only be the geosphere.

Marine plants contribute far more oxygen to the earths atmosphere than land plants they also use up a lot of CO2 in so doing.

Yes, but usually slowly. At one time there was no Oxygen in the atmosphere, (and quite a bit of methane) and a little less than a billion years ago there was more than 25 % O2 (age of the giant insects ... with lots of plants on land.)

during photosynthesis, plants use co2 as one of their reactant and produce oxygen. with less plants/trees, more co2 are being trapped within the atmosphere which makes global warming and influences the climate.

Not exactly but food, like any gas, liquid or solid, is made up of one or more chemicals. Plants growing is 'chemical change'. Food rotting is 'chemical change' Cooking food is 'chemical change'. Without 'chemical change' or chemical reactions, plants would not exist. Human beings would not exist. Anything we eat would not exist. Planet Earth would not exist!

Earths atmosphere has changed in a few ways. It contains more pollutants and carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas.

It is the increase in the levels of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane that are causing more heat to be retained in the atmosphere. This extra heat is global warming, and this is causing climate change.

There would be more carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, so more heat would be captured in the atmosphere and global warming would increase.

There would be no more plants if they were not fertilized. Fertilization is necessary for reproduction.

More of the sun's heat trapped in the atmosphere would mean the greenhouse gases would become warmer. The earth and the atmosphere would become hotter, and global warming would speed up.

Photosynthesis is carried on by plants that produce oxygen.This process has replaced all oxygen that is in the atmosphere for more than 2 000 years.

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