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Q: How would you classify the system of leadership at your school or in your classroom?
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What is the name of the person who invented studies?

Studying is the properties of living organism not only limited to human and so exist by nature not invention. For the classroom type study, it might be invent and reinvent in many different part and time in history and no definite person could claim the invention of study. For the idea of how long is the history of education, the historical eldest school in operation is from 6th century but we know the school would exist before that. Roman empire had school and classroom system since 700 year before Christ. The history of learning in China would trace even further to 2000 BC. The history of human writing is dated back to 3200 BC in Mesopotamia and we could assume teach of how to write would required classroom and thus the system of study must be at least 5200 years old.

How does a scientist using the phenic system would classify an organism?

Il li font en arrangeant les organ suivant un order specail

Is uc riverside a public or private school?

UC riverside is a public school in the University of California system.

How is togos education structure?

The school system in Togo is modelled after the French school system. Technically it is compulsary, but a lot of families just simply don't have the money, so about 42% of the population is illerate.

What do scientists use to classify animals in the same family?

Scientists use the scientific classification system to classify animals. The scientific classification system is broken down into seven parts: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.

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How would you think i should classify the system of leadership at your school or in your classroom?

I think that the sytem of the leadership is. By begin nice to my classroom and begin repestfull to our school and to everybudy.

How do you classify the school library?

School libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification system to organize and catalogue their collection.

What is the motto of Stellar School System?

Stellar School System's motto is 'Dare to Dream'.

What is the UK school system?

primary schools you have the same classroom for everything mostly women teachers you have nursrey to year 6 in the whole school

Where can one find Student Response System clickers for the classroom?

Student Response System clickers for the classroom are sold by Irespond and Smart Tech. The clickers can also be found at School Outfitters, Socrative and Top Hat websites.

How do scientist classify small objects in the solar system?

Scientists classify small objects in the solar system by size, shape, and composition

What is the hierarchical system?

The hierarchical system is a way to classify things.

What are three ways scientists classify plants?

The seven different ways to scientifically classify plants: APG system, APG II system, APG III system, Bessey system, Cronquist system, Melchior system.

What is the personnel recovery system in the army?

leadership and accountability

How do you classify the force system?

calssification of force

What's a method to classify foods?

The method used to classify foods is known as the priority classification system.

What kinds of classroom manaagement techniques are used for kindergartens?

The School wide management and the vertical behavioral system are some of the management techniques that are used for kindergartens.