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It is the act of managing something, for example a business, group, troop, different kinds of individuals etc.

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How would you define the term electromegnetism?

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How do you define placement management?

How do you define placement management?"

Define the term levels of hierarchy?

layers of management responsibility from top to bottom of a business

Define the term 'Management'?

Management is the process of combining and coordinating a range of resources, either in the form of money, people or equipment, to achieve an organisation's goals.

Define the term Earliest Occurrence Time in Project Management?

earliest occurence time in event

How would you define the term pospostion?

I would not, there is no such word as "pospostion".

How would you define the term trophic?

the other answer was wrong

Define disaster management?

Disaster management is the management of the overall resources and responsibilities that would be required if a disaster happens. They would be the ones to get things rolling in the event of a disaster.

Define the term gulf?

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How would you define the term ventilation?

ventilation is the degree of something

How would you define the term motion?

Motion is the act of moving.

Define multinational management?

what is multinational financial management?

What is the concept of scientific management?

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Define international management?

Define international management ? Bring out its benefits Price discrimination is indistinguishable from dumping? Discuss

What is the definition of the 7 m's of management. Define each?

what is the definition of the 7 M's of management. define each?

Define scientific management-?

The official definition for the term scientific management is "management of a business, industry, or economy, according to principles of efficiency derived from experiments in methods of work and production, esp. from time-and-motion studies."

What is meant by forcasting in management?

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Define public financial management?

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If you needed to define the term density in one word what would it be?


How would you define the term hedge funds?

Hedge funds are investment portfolios that are managed in such a way that the return is expected to be absolute. These management strategies are not usually available for normal mutual funds and are governed by many laws.

Define Human Resource Management and list and explain it's functions?

human resource management is the term used to describe formal system devised for the management of people within an organization. its functions are planning, staffing, directing, controlling and organising.

How would you define the term 'Risk'?

Taking a chance of danger or loss on something.

Definition of Public finance Management Act?

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Define management and contrast the nature of management in 1service and production industries 2private and public sector organizations?

Define management and contrast the nature of management in (i) service and production industries; (ii) private and public sector organization.

Define the term map as used in engineering drawing?

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