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A place I don't want live(or die).

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a place that's warm

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Q: How would you describe an igloo in the Arctic?
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Where is Aunt Arctic's igloo?

Aunt Arctic's igloo is hidden as a regular igloo of a penguin.

Does an Arctic fox live in an igloo?

No, an Arctic fox lives in an underground burrow, not in an igloo.

What words describe the arctic?

cold, icy, snowy, lots of animals, it is big, they got dog sleds and lots of igloo

What is an arctic house?


Where igloo are made?

they are made in the high arctic by the the Inuit people

What country did igloo come from?

Although igloo's are associated with the Inuit, most are constructed by people of Canada's Central Arctic Area

What did the sub arctic people live in?

Igloo - Made from blocks of ice.

What language is igloo?

"Igloo" is not a language. It is a type of shelter typically built by the Inuit and other indigenous peoples in the Arctic regions using blocks of snow or ice.

Where is aunt arctic puffles on Club Penguin?

it is some where on club penguin in aunt arctics igloo

How do you spell igolw?

This is likely the word "igloo", an arctic shelter built from blocks of compacted snow.

What do arctic Indians live in for houses?

the artic Indians lived ina place called a igloo.

What is the name for a house made of snow?

igloo An igloo is actually a domed structure made of ice blocks to protect eskimos from the elements when traveling and hunting, the structures are temporary only, they do not live in them.