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There was no Philippine government before the Spanish era. There were only self-governing tribal communities separated either by mountain ranges or bodies of water.

(i dont think if it is true because i know during the pre-spanish period there is law making process?)

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Q: How would you describe the Philippine government during the pre-Spanish era?
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What is the Philippine Government During Pre Spanish Era?


What was the relationship between the Philippine freedom fighters and the American government?

During the Spanish-American war Philippine freedom fighters were allied with the US. After that war, during the Philippine-American War (Philippine Insurrection) they wer at war with the US government. During World War2, Philippine freedom fighters were guerrillas against the Japanese occupation and supported by the US.

What was the hierarchy of the Philippine government during the Spanish era?

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Is it true that the central government in the Philippine during the Spanish time was vested on the?

no it your mum smells of poo

Philippine government during the revolutionary era?

During the Revolutionary Era, Filipinos formed several types of governments to oppose Spain's political power and gain self-governance. They formed the Katipunan, the Biak-an-Bato Republic, the Dictatorial Government, the Revolutionary Government and the First Philippine Republic. After World War II, the United States government gave the Philippines independence.

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Difference of the government in the Philippines during pre-spanish and spanish colonial periods?

the pilippines government today is free and when it was spanish govenment the philippine government is not free

How would you describe Philippine art during the Spanish colonial period?

It was heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church and emphasized religious iconography.

Who makes Jose rizal a Philippine hero?

the government during the American time, proclaimed Rizal as the national hero of the country

Describe the sociopolitical situation of the Philippine during rizal's time?

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What was the Philippine currency during the American period in the Philippines?

Philippine currency during the American period continued to be the Peso.

What are the Philippine Musics during the 20th Century?

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