How would you find out if a home or property is historical?

Go to your City Hall in your area and research at City Planning and they will put you in the right direction. You should beable to find out when the property first existed and when the house was built.

A home is considered a heritage home anywhere from 80 - 100+ years old. There are also wonderful Heritage Home Groups you can belong too and it would be well worth your while to join as you could find out even more about your home. For example: who were the previous owners, what did they do for a living, etc. You'll get hooked on it! Maybe there is even a ghost or two. Boo! LOL

I live in British Columbia lower mainland and we are fighting to keep our heritage homes in tact. It's sad that the government doesn't mind tearing down these beautiful old homes for new development. I live in a rancher built in 1954, but not classed as a heritage home. I did find out that a Sea Captain had owned it, then a gardener by trade (that is why we have the beautiful gardens we have and we have lovingly kept it up) and then a Scottish couple bought the property and we bought it from them. I found out most of this info from our local City Hall and old neighbors that have lived here for 60 - 70 years.

Good luck and enjoy!