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quick on the uptake

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Q: How would you rephrase I am a quick learner?
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What is a synonym for fast learner?

1. Quick learner. 2. Wiki learner 3. Rapid learner.

Do you say I am a quick learner or a quick learn?

quick lerner

What part of speech is quickness?

He is a quick learner, "quick" is an adjective describing the noun "learner", but inHis mean response cut me to the quick, "quick" is used as a noun.In the sentence Quick! Quick! You'll miss the faceoff!the imperative command."Come quickly" is implied/understood, and thus the word "quick" would be usedas an adverb describing the verb "come".

What do you call someone who learns fast?

A quick learner or a fast learner.

Is using you are a quick learner correct?

No, the correct phrase is "You are a quick learner." "You are" is the correct way to start a sentence in this case since it is referring to the listener.

What does hossains mean?

skilled and quick learner

What is suitable alternative for quick learner?

The ability to grasp new concepts quickly = fast learner

What is another way of saying fast learner?

quick study

Different word for fast learner?

I am a fast learner = I amable to learn new things quickly.

What is another word for quick learner?

Some people say that the definition of a quick learner is someone who can get material quickly and become a master at it. try master if that does not work, look for synonyms. that could be helpful in the long run.Depends on what level . . . In school below undergraduate level, quick learners are often pariahs.Or how about: tyro

What does quick learner mean?

A quick learner is someone who is able to easily grasp new information, concepts, or skills at a rapid pace. They adapt quickly to new situations and are able to understand and retain information effectively.

What is a word for quick learner?

apt pupil, fast on the uptake, quick-minded, genius, receptive, sharp, astute, gifted