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Q: How would you say they used to put on shows in Spanish?
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Do you underline or put quotation marks around radio shows?

You would put quotation marks around radio shows because they are talking.

What does poner mean in spanish?

"Poner" in Spanish means "to put" or "to place." It is a common verb used when referring to placing an object or item in a specific location.

When using Spanish do you put an o or an a after plum?

It depends. I would say 'a'.

What is the upside down exclamation mark used for?

You might be talking about that funny punctuation mark in Spanish. If a sentence ended with an exclamation mark in English and you wanted to translate that in Spanish, you would always have to put the upside down exclamation mark first before you put down a capital letter.

What does pon mean in spanish?

Pon in Spanish is a conjugation of the word put. Pon means to put or have put in the Spanish language.

How do you say get your weight up in spanish?

It needs to be understood that "get [weight] up" is an English idiomatic expression with no direct equivalent in Spanish. In this situation, the Spanish would say, "Put you more weight." which would be understood as "Put [on] [yourself] more weight." with the 'on' and the 'yourself' being implied. It would be said, "Ponte más peso."

List five situations where a text box would be useful?

Text boxes can be used on slide shows and word documents. They can also be used on party invitations, or when it is necessary to put text in different directions or on group objects.

How do you spell put in spanish?

The answer depends on the context of the sentence. But by itself "poner dentro" to place [something] inside could be your answer. But without a complete sentence, there is no way to tell. There is no specific singe word for "put in" when used as "put in for a raise". In that case it would be I requested or I asked for. "Pedí"

What is the the meaning of Dale Gas in Spanish to English?

Go fast "Dale gas" is a slang Spanish expression roughly equivalent to "Put the Petal to the Metal". It would be used to tell a person to accelerate while driving and literally means "Give it gas."

What does calcetines mean?

It means, "sox," such as you put on your feet before you put on your shoes.

Do they make show iCarly still?

yes they do because there is still many new icarly shows and also if icarly was done then they would probably put it in a magazine or they would put it on ytv

What is the meaning of copal in English?

the meaning of copal in English from spanish is "incense" the meaning of copal in English from spanish means "incense" it is sometimes put on and used as jewellery