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How would you transport a pool table when moving?



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The answer really depends on the type of table. Is it wood, mdf, or slate? If it is slate, is it the typical 3 piece or is it a single slab? Transporting non slate tables, though you should be careful, are not too big of a deal. Single slate tables are not too hard to disassemble, but can be very heavy and dangerous to move. The standard 3 piece slate table is quite a process to move. YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE TABLE APART. Take it all apart and mark each piece as you go. Move the pieces and if you are very handy put it back together. If you are not very handy, I would suggest hiring a professional for reassembly as getting three pieces of slate level and the felt firm and tight are extremely important if you want your table to work right. Make sure the slates are cushioned and under no stress at any point in the move, have lots of help, and take your time, and you should be able to get all the pieces from one place to the next.