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Billiards is the generic name for games played on felt-covered tables for which balls and cue sticks are used. The rules and set-ups vary according to the game and table type. Join us in this category for questions and answers about the various billiards games.

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Billiards and Pool

How much does a slate pool table weigh?

It would depend on which slate pool table you are looking for. Since we are in the business, we see them all. Here is a rough idea on what various tables weigh.

7ft coin-op 3/4" one PC slate, 500#

8ft coin-op 7/8" one PC slate, 700+#

7ft ball and claw style, 3/4" unbacked 3pc slate, 500#

7ft ball and claw style, 1" backed 3pc slate, 650-700#

8ft ball and claw style, 3/4" unbacked 3pc slate, 650#

8ft ball and claw style, 1" backed 3pc slate, 750-800#

9ft ball and claw style, 1" backed 3pc slate, 850-950#

9ft commercial style, 1" backed 3pc slate, 1000-1100#

9ft antique style, 1" backed 3 or 4pc slate, 900-1200#

10ft antique style, 6 leg, 1.5" backed 3 PC slate, 2000-2500#

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Can you hit backward 8 ball pool?

Yes you can shoot backward or forwards , if you line -up correctly

Billiards and Pool

Is it better to have a tight rack or lose rack?

A tight rack transfers the energy of the cue ball through the entire rack immediately, while a loose rack has gaps that must be filled from the ball just struck in front of it, creating more friction and therefor losing more energy. For the best spread on a break, make sure all the balls are touching.

If the other player thinks the rack is not tight, he/she is allowed under the rules to demand a re-rack.

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What is a free ball in snooker?

A free ball in snooker is a ball that is elected by the incoming player to take the place of a ball that is legal to shoot, or "on".

The reason for this election is that the opponent fouled, and left the incoming player "snookered" on every ball on.

The free ball can be any ball on the table, and will be scored with the value of the ball it replaces. Any colored ball pocketed as a free ball will be respotted as usual.

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When was billiards invented?

Billiards was played outdoors on the ground with balls and sticks, called cues, in the 14th century. It became an indoor game when billiard tables began to be used indoors in the 17th century.
1650-1750. No one knows exactly when the Italian game of trucco, using balls and cues on the lawn, was moved inside and became a table game. However, billiards (from the Italian billiardo) was popular by the late 1700's. The modern game of billiards owes its creation to the leather pool tip which was adopted in very early 1800's.
No. Billiards evolved in Italy and France from an Italian lawn game referred to as trucco. Trucco uses balls and cue sticks, and was moved indoors and onto a table but there is no record of who first had the idea to make it an indoor game.

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What is a snooker in 8 ball pool multiplayer?

it is sortof like a trick shot except the ball is surrounded by the opposing balls

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Why is billiards called pool?

Pocket billiards is very often called pool. The reason is simple...back in the day, circa turn of the century, rooms for betting on the horses were extremely prevalent.

The horse betting pools were such that these rooms were called pool rooms for short. Because pocket billiards became so popular with men of the day, pocket billiards tables were installed in most of these "horse betting pool" rooms.

Rapidly.."pool room" became known as a room with pocket billiard tables in it, and the pocket billiard game itself took on the misnomer.."pool".

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What is the best pool cue for beginners?

The answer is subjective as there are many good starter cues. Some of the best brands for entry level pool cues are Action, Players and Scorpion. All have cues for under $100. A good starter cue is a 14 mm medium tip.

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What is a CueSight Laser cue?

The Cuesight Laser Cue is a billiards training aid designed to help improve a players consistency.

Aside from being super cool (I mean it's a pool cue with a laser shooting out the end), it will demonstrate any inconsistency in a players stroking motion as they watch the crosshairs on the cue ball.

Couple that with the ability to see exactly where on the cue ball you are striking and you have a fairly solid tool to help you improve your stroke and develop the sighting and muscle memory to impart "english" or spin on the cueball.

You can read more about them at the related link.

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What are the smoothest types of pool cues?

One that has good balance and a great shaft. Predator 314 or Z shafts are my favorites.

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How do you pot a snooker ball?

Line up the cue behind the white cue ball. Aim to hit the white ball into the object ball so that it enters the pocket. It really is great fun and relaxing.

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Do you lose if you scratch on last ball before the 8 ball?

Yes if you make in the last ball and then scratch, you lose and the game is over.

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Are there any one-handed pool tournaments?

Yes. Shooting pool one-handed is not recognized as a separate game or type of play for conventional tournaments. However, there are local pool halls that hold smal local tournaments for players that want to use their one handed skills. Becauase this is not a recognized form of play, these will be difficult to find and will require contacting the pool halls in your area.

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Were billiards balls made out of ivory until the early 1900s?

Yes. Until 1902, they were made of ivory but had to change to moldable plastic since ivory is now considered rare.

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How do you color a styrofoam ball?

You can color it with a magic marker, or you could dip it in dye like the dye used on Easter eggs. use a marker

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What are the dimensions of a pool table?

The dimensions of a pool table can differ depending on the place to get the pool table from and what country it is made in. How ever most pool tables come in sizes 7 ft, 8 ft, oversize 8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft, and 12 ft.

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Why is a batter not out if he barely makes contact with the ball and the catcher catches the ball?

only the first two strikes and on the third if catcher does not catch the ball then player can run to first trying to beat a through

It sounds like what you are describing is a foul tip. MLB rule 2.00 defines a foul tip as follows:

" A FOUL TIP is a batted ball that goes sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher's hands and is legally caught. It is not a foul tip unless caught and any foul tip that is caught is a strike, and the ball is in play. It is not a catch if it is a rebound, unless the ball has first touched the catcher's glove or hand. "

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How do you cover a pool table?

AnswerIt's really important to get a professional in to balance off your pool table. You can buy the green felt and do the job yourself and glue it down, then get the pro in to balance off the pool table.

Measure length and width and purchase your green felt. Take a large sheet of brown paper and measure length and width making a template (pattern) and be sure to get the 4 pocket holes done very neatly. Then lay the felt out on the floor where you can cut with a carpet knife (be sure you have a good sharp one) and place the brown paper pattern over-top and start cutting away. Be really carefully of the 4 holes (these are tricky.) Once you have it cut out then roll glue onto the table (after you have taken any old felt off and sanded lightly so the surface is smooth and other glues removed) and carefully lay-out the cut green felt. Isn't as hard as it seems. If you're a guy, trust me ... find someone in the family that is a good seamstress.

Good luck Marcy

AnswerGo to the bank. Withdraw $320. Buy a case of beer and snacks. Call a professional. Drink your beer while watching the professional cover your table. Offer a beer to the professional only after the job is done. Pay the professional the remaining $$$$.


There are more easy ways to cover a pool table and you can do it yourself and also the levelling if you got the right information. You can learn more about it going to

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Who are the top ten 9-ball pool players in the USA?

1.Efren Reyes - The best pool player ever 2.Johnny Archer - Best tournament player out there 3.Mika Immonen - Great all around player despit some big chokes 4.Alex Pagulayan - U.S. open and World champion 5.Ralf Souquet - The surgeon 6.Franscisco Bustamante - Strongest break on tour 7.Shane Van Boening - Best American Player right now and U.S open champion this year 8.Ronnie Alcano - Last years world pool champion 9.Dennis Orcollo - One of the best money players out there 10.Earl Strickland - What can you say an all-time great even though hes on his way out

I really did'nt concentrate on order but this is roughly how I would rank these players maybe bump up Alcano a bit.

Ralf souquet is NOT known as the Surgeon. That accolade was used, earned, and given to a UK pool player from Wigan, many years before Souquet was even playing. Maybe he liked the monicor, and 'stole' or 'borrowed' it for his own use.

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Is there a difference in billiard chalk due to its color?

color doesn't matter. it's just colored to match different felt colors. brands make the difference

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What pool cue was used in movie 'The hustler'?

It was a feature length movie about pool, including a few scenes at a national tournament. Hundreds of cues were used in that movie.

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What are some opinions on the best pool cue?

There are many brands. In pretty much any brand $200-$300 will get you a quaility cue. Most of the more expensive cues are made the same as cheaper cues it's just the materials used in, and the amount of inlays(designs), generally just looks. One of the most popular brands is McDermott. Their plain classic cues are around $300 and range up to custom one offs that are $4000-$5000, wide variety good place to start.

You also need to think about your style of gameplay. Finesse shooters and power shooters will have totally different tastes in types of cues. Not only is there a cue to choose, but also tip, joint, wrap, taper, etc. Also as you play and adapt to new techniques, your tastes may change. All in all, there is no "best" pool cue: this is the type of game where everything is all about you.

It all depends on personal taste, budget & style of play.

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If you want to replace the toprails on a pool where can you find compatible parts for an old pool?

Our above ground pool was put up in 1990. This year we decided it would be cheaper to replace the liner and re finish the top rails ourselves. The pool sat stagnet for 5 years, and was pretty nasty. The top rails were faded and peeling. I took every other one off, used an electric wire wheel and ground down the peeling edges and went over the rest of it just to scuff it up. Since we are custom painters, it was something we could do easily. I used an epoxy primer sprayed with an automotive spray gun, then used a single stage enamel automotive paint in the same tan/brown color as it used to be. They turned out like new.

I searched online and locally but could not find any replacement metal top rails, so rather than tear down our pool and spend $6000 on a new one, for $1500 I got a new liner, paid someone to clean and remove the old liner, install it and get it filled.

Took some effort on my part, but it's beautiful!

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What tennis racquet tension make you hit a ball harder?

Every tennis racquet is marked by the manufacturer with the recommended range of tensions. For example most medium sized racquets can be strung from 22Kg up to 28Kg. For maximum control the higher tensions are best. For maximum power the lower tensions are best. For a good mixture of both control and power the tension should be midway - that is 25Kg in the above example. The thickness or gauge of the string will also effect the power. A racquet tension of 25Kgs with a thin (1.20) string will produce more power than a tension of 25Kgs with a thick (1.35) string. If your average shot is falling nearer the service line than the baseline then either lower the tension 1 or 2 Kgs or use a slightly thinner string to get more shot distance. However, be warned, a thinner string is not as durable as a thicker string so it may need replacing more often. If your average shot is going off the end of the court then either increase the tension on your racquet by 1 or 2 Kgs or use a thicker string (or both) to reduce the shot distance. Developing more topspin on your shots will also bring the ball down earlier - so there are many more factors than just racquet tension and string size to consider. An oversize racquet (i.e. the head is larger) will also produce more power since the central sweet spot is larger and also the strings produce more of a trampoline effect. A heavier racquet will also produce more power but you may lose a degree of control due to the difficulty of manoeuvring the extra weight. As a generalisation a keen amateur would probably play best with a medium size racquet, a string tension of around 25Kgs, a string size of around 1.25mm, a racquet weight of around 300gm and a desire to hit topspin whenever possible. However the question "What tennis racquet tension makes you hit a ball harder?" may not be as important as "Which tennis racquet set-up will help me hit more accurately?" The last thing to mention is that the size of the grip on a tennis racquet (between 4" to 5") is crucial to hitting accurately and powerfully. Always buy a racquet with a grip that your hand can go nearly all the way round (4 1/8" or 4 1/2" for most adults). A grip that is too big will produce poor tennis and cannot be reduced. Whereas a grip that is comfortable will produce better tennis and the grip size can always be increased later if necessary.

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What is the difference between billiards pool and snooker?

All three are different kinds of cue games: Billiards, Pool, and snooker.

Billiard tables have larger pockets and use slightly larger balls than snooker. Other than that the tables are very similar in size and design. The smaller snooker balls are red, and yellow with white cue balls. They are not numbered like billiard balls and the game is entirely different than say 8 or 9 ball played in the USA. A billiard table can be converted to snooker because you can make the holes smaller to accommodate the snooker balls, but not vice-versa.

In snooker you keep score and after all the balls are potted it is the one with the highest score that wins. 147 is the maximum score but theoretically 155 is possible. With billiards an infinite score is theoretically possible. In pool it is ho pots all their balls and the black first that wins.


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