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How can you use the word infectious in a sentence

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Tuberculous is an infectious disease.

Infectious diseases can rapidly spread in underdeveloped societies. He did not go to work that day because his coughing might have been infectious.

The tumor was tested and the doctor said it was malignant. That is a great sentence to use since the word means infectious disease.

how would you use the word demacracy in a sentence?

You just did use the word colonize in a sentence.

Since that is not a word I would not attempt to use it in a sentence.

no such word as "reasonableness' you would have to use " reasonable conduct" in your sentence.

i do not know how to use the word turbulent in a sentence

how would you use the word finished in a command sentence

1. you did just use that word in a sentence 2. if a doctor would use the word tumor in a sentence they would probably say "we need to remove the tumor from this persons body."

Yes, of course. A word you couldn't use in a sentence would be a pretty poor excuse for a word.

An easy sentence would be : " That foreigner is from India"

This justifies the use of this word, in a sentence.

how to use the word zemblanity in a sentence

An example of a sentence using the word would be... He attacked the meal vigorously and with relish.

the book on adventure was flummoxed that's how i would use it in a sentence

How do you use in word urged in a sentence?If you had shown me your question before you asked it, I would have urged you to replace the first 'in' with the word 'the'.

One way to use the word sell in a sentence would be: I am going to sell my scooter for $15.

infectious is an adjective. You use it to modify a noun- as in an infectious disease or an infectious laugh. Build your sentence around your subject and verb, then use modifiers to enhance or clarify meanings.She's an ambitious young researcher who hopes to discovery a cure for a majority of the world's infectious diseases.He's a very likable child with an engaging smile and an infectious laugh.Many infectious diseases can be prevented by washing with hot water and soap.

you use (a) if the next word is not a vowel. you us (an) if the next word is a vowel.

You can use the word mention in the following sentence. I wish that he would mention me in his speech.

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